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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Apple Picking #2

We have had my sister and her small family in town for the past few days and love would be an understatement. My sister's little boy is right between the age of my two boys, so we all are having a blast playing with each other. I can't even begin to say how wonderful it has been to have this family with us, and right now I'm in denial that they are going to have to leave.

We have been mini tourist going around Boston showing them the sites. And over the weekend we made a trip over to Honey Pot Hill Orchards, where we went last year. But the beauty and the experience is unbeatable. 
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^^its stuck!!^^ 
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There is an old tractor at the orchard and the boys wouldn't get off the thing. It was so cute to watch them all just pull, turn and push different gadgets
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Our list:
Place: Stow
Grub: Apples , apple cider donuts- yum