Thursday, January 29, 2015

4moms mamaRoo Giveaway!

4moms, mamaroo
 Three boys. Who knew I was going to be in a house full of boys ?!
When we decided to add a third child to the mix of our family I was super nervous. I was told having three kids is when it really gets hard, because you run out of hands to help each child and that alone made me nervous.  But as I've learned through having the first two that adding another child means adding more skills to taking care of that additional child. We've had a crazy amount of change in the last few months. From moving across country, finding a new job, buying a new home, starting preschool, replacing all our furniture we left behind,  and having a third child. At times I have felt completely  overwhelmed,  and inadequate just trying to keep my head above water. And in the past few months I've really appreciated the things that have made my life easier. One of which is the mamaroo. I've really never had a swing for my newborns before and I am glad I have been able to have this one for our third. It frees up my hands as I spend time with my other two boys.

4moms, mamarooThe Mamaroo has 5 different motions that are similar to a mothers rock, and they go at different speeds. Which really helps soothe the baby. There is an app that you can download onto your phone that helps control it, and a speaker that you can turn on white noise or play music. I can't tell you how helpful its been to have this in our home.

4moms, mamaroo 4moms, mamaroo 4moms, mamaroo 4moms, mamaroo 4moms, mamaroo

And I'm so excited to team up with 4moms and do a giveaway for a mamaroo. So make sure to try and win a mamaroo by entering below!

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Monday, January 26, 2015

The Happy

Toy story is in full force at our house right now. Bullseye never. ever. leaves Tayte's side and Daxton is usually seen with one of the characters most likely Buzz, but today it was Jessi.
Temple1-15-8 Temple1-15-20
Adorable matching Moccasins from Mini Acorn
Temple1-15-15 Temple1-15-12 Temple1-15-11

About two weeks ago we recieved some devastating news. Our really good friends from Boston lost their 2 year old girl unexpectedly. When I heard the news I was heart sick, and wasn't able to function for a couple day. I went through so many emotions trying to understand why such a perfect,  little girl was taken so early. All I could do was just hug and hold my boys close, to help me get through the day.

We then got a recording of the funeral that took place on this past Monday and it was the most tender service I have ever heard. In honor of their little girl Marjorie, both the parents were able to speak and they had so much faith. The things they said touched me so deeply,  I wish all parents could be able to listen to this service. After listening to the service, both Brandon and I have been very moved and have a whole new view on parenting.

One of the things that was talked about in the funeral service was "the happy". This family had recently bought a home near the Boston Temple and the little Marjorie would say they lived by the "the Happy" because she couldn't pronounce Temple. But they loved living by "the Happy" because they got to pass it every time they went home, and Marjorie loved that.

We too live really close to the temple, and so with little Marjorie on my mind I wanted to go to "the Happy" on Sunday with my family. I also realized I haven't been taking as many pictures of my family lately and I don't want to miss any stage of us growing together.  So we went and enjoyed the sunshine and each other. It always hits me so hard, especially when we are temple grounds how blessed we are to have each other. We got married in the SLC temple and so to be there with my little boys and Brandon just makes me cry.

As hard as it has been to hear the passing of little Marjorie it has helped us reflect on our own life. It has helped us see what is important in life and how we can do better. We haven't stopped thinking about Marjorie and her family. She continues to influence us everyday, and for that I am grateful.

Friday, January 16, 2015

2 months + gdiapers

I can't believe Benson is two months already. Its practically unfair how fast they grow, and how fast they grow out of that newborn stage. In fact, while I was taking these pictures, I was blown away at how big and cubby he is getting! He's started to smile, lift up his head and act like he's going to be four tomorrow. Goodness, i feel like a broken record but this boy needs to stop growing,

On another note, diapers have been getting piled up everywhere in our house (because we still have two boys in diapers... ugh] So when I came across gdiapers I was really intrigued. I read that they were flushable, and compostable diapers that saved water and the landfills. So we got a few to try out and its been surprisingly so easy and very convenient just like disposable diapers.

The outside shell is made of cotton that covers the lining and pad inside. It helps protect against blow outs, but at the same time facilitate air to the skin and bum. Plus the colors and patterns make for a cute, tiny bum! And the inside pad is made of material that can either be composite (only wet ones) or be flushed in the toilet. You can read more about the composition of the diaper here.
Anyway, I've been really impressed with gdiapers and love how they are helping my baby and the environment.

gdiapersgdiapers gdiapers gdiapers
Then Daxton came in and stole the show as he tried to make Benson smile. Goodness they are cute!

Also, looking back on my past few post/ pictures, they have been taken on this bed. Sorry about that. It just seems like that is the only clear canvas i have at this point! eeep.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Benson's Blessing


This past Sunday we had the opportunity to bless our little Benson. It was a really special day as we presented our baby to the Lord with a name, and gave Benson his first Priesthood blessing. How extremely grateful I am for my husband who holds the Priesthood and has been able to give a baby blessing to each one of our boys. I am grateful to have supportive friends. I am also grateful to have supportive families and an example of love that runs deep through out each relationship.

Blessing Benson on Sunday made me reflect on his sweet, short life. As I reflect on his life I can't help but get a little weepy because of the perfect spirit and joy he has already brought into my life and our home. I sure love my family and I sure love you sweet Benson.

Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 in review


This past year has been a year of growth, a year of change and a year of miracles. We've learned to trust on the Lord as we prayed for a miracle for my sister, who had less than a 1% chance of living. To trust and have faith as we picked up our belongings and moved across the country. To build our hope, knowing that He had a plan for us and we would end up in the right place and home. To be blessed as we received a beautiful baby into our home. It's been a wonderful year, full of challenges and blessings. I love 2014, for all the things it brought into our life. I love 2015 for all the new adventures and growth that we will have. I hope that you will be able to look back on your 2014 year and see the positive, even though we all have challenges. And I hope we all look forward to a new year ready to face whatever comes our way- happy or sad. We have so much to be grateful for.

Happy New Year!