Thursday, February 4, 2016

Getting out in the cold

This winter has been drastically different than last winter. Last year it was so mild and actually pretty warm, that we didn't even use our coats all that much. This year is a different story- its been really cold and snowy which I have love but these past couple weeks, the cold has gotten to me. I'm finding it hard to find the motivation to get out of the house, but then sometimes I feel like we go stir crazy if we don't get out... so its a battle everyday whether we go out or stay inside.

Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Also, I am fully converted to a backpack diaper bag. I love a sling bag, however a backpack bag is out of the way but also such an easy access and it easily becomes my favorite. This darling bag is from Fawn Designs. The leather makes it so easy to clean, sleek and durable.  There are just the right amount of pockets that make organizing all the baby stuff a breeze. I'm just really loving this bag right now.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon


The cold it has forced us to go try different museums and buy passes. Which has been a lifesaver for us. So this past Monday we went to the Church History Museum as a family to switch things up for a night. The kids and I have gone before but it was the first time as a family.

We have loved going to this museum because of the history, the beautiful paintings and art found within the building, but also because of the kids room. Its got great activities and toys for the kids to play with that teach and entertain the little boys. Also, another bonus is that its free!Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon 
Shelby and BrandonShelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
All that concentration on that table. Those boys sure do love building. 
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Here's to getting out more in this freezing cold, and I hope where you are you have a little more warm coming for you. :) 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Happy Birthday Daddy

There is something about celebrating the one you love and I sure do love celebrating Brandon's birthday. He probably thinks i'm the cheesiest person ever because of all the things i try to do for him, but I love it and him. I really reflected this year about why I love him, and how much I really can't live with out him. He's made me a better me and is so patient with the way I am. I know I have a lot of faults, but he has the patience of Job and is always motivating me and helping me do better. Goodness i just love him. Anyway sorry for the mush. But we went on a day date (Thanks for my mom for watching the boys!!) and we went Pago in Salt Lake. It was incredibly good and with a visually pleasing aesthetic.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
I tried to surprise Brandon all week by waking up in the middle of the night to decorate the house with birthday signs or other decorations. Or  I tried to surprise him one night during the week with a bunch of friends to go out to dinner. OR I try to surprise him by getting all his brothers together to go rock climbing on the night of his birthday...  I don't know if he catches onto my surprise but he always plays along and is generally always so excited.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
I promise I'm happy! haha! This moment was probably just a nice relaxation mode i transitioned into from eating with sweet little boys needing something every five seconds to a nice quiet adult filled, i didn't make this lunch mode.
Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon
Have I ever said how much I am obsessed with parsnips? I love them. So this roasted parsnip soup was golden. I can't stop thinking about how to make it and I mayyyy have just found a recipe that might be similar!
Shelby and Brandon >So grateful for this man, and how he treats me and our kids. He is so good to the core,  and I sure love you Brandon.  

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Catch up

I realize a majority of these photos are from Christmas and from Christmas break but these are moments that brings back so many wonderful memories. Memories of daddy being around all day, going to see the Nutcracker with dear friends, visiting Temple square on so many occasions, friends birthdays, Benson realizing the party going on in the front of the grocery cart and demanding to be squeezed in, sledding, skiing, dancing, shopping, cousins and sister time... all of the moments being frozen in time to remember. It was a wonderful end of the year and wonderful start.

Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon Shelby and Brandon

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Why I do a Juice Cleanse

Shelby and BrandonDid you eat a lot of junk, candy, treats, or whatever you wanted over the holiday season? I sure did and I knew I needed a hard reset button. I just started a 3 day juice cleanse to start my 2016 year off right, because we all know we make health resolutions at the beginning of the year in hopes to change our eating habits just a little bit that year. And starting with this Juice fast is setting me off on the right foot. I am slightly passionate about healthy and juicing, so I am apologizing right now for the length of this post. And I didn't even get to all that I wanted to write!

 A juice cleanse can sound kinda daunting to some people, and it did to me at first. The first time I did a juice cleanse was a little over 5 years ago. Since then I have done at least one juice cleanse a year if not more. And over the past few years I have learned so much about a juice cleanse, how to do it right and not just starve myself! This year, I was lucky enough to work with Vive Juicery to do this cleanse and it has been heaven!!!  I usually have to juice the fruits and vegetables myself, figure out a menu, do the shopping, and clean up the mess while still trying to chase after 3 boys, and this time I haven't had to it! So it really has been amazing. Plus their juices have blown my mind, with how good they taste, and the ingredients they put in them. If you don't have a juicer and are looking to jump start your health this year, please check out Vive Juicery.

Shelby and BrandonThe first time I did my juice fast I read about fasting and followed the guidelines in Prescription for Natural Healing. This books is so perfect for all around natural healing, but it has some really good tips and guidelines for a juice fast that I still use till today. Its a book that I love to have on hand to refer back to as it acts as a doctor that I have right in my home.

The second time I did my Juice fast, was right after I watched Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead. It not only inspired me, but completely changed the way I looked at Juicing. Its a great documentary and I highly suggest watching it because it makes you realize how much our body depends on us to feed it good, nutritious foods.
After these first two juice fast I've continued to read and learn more from others and from other good online sources.

Shelby and BrandonSo what I have learned from all the times that I juiced?? The major tip I would give is to be informed about what you are doing. Read about what the benefits (because there are SO many) this will help you stay motivated so you understand the healing that is happening within your body. Another tip is to prepare, prepare, prepare! Juicing is tough (well it is at least for me because I LOVE food) but if you don't know what or why you are doing the cleanse or aren't giving your body the right nutrients, than you are basically starving yourself and it won't be beneficial.

When you juice, I like to think of it as giving your body a vacation. On a vacation you usually mediate, rest and let those stresses go away so that you can be ready for the real world again.  Similarly, we eat a lot, and sometimes its not always the best foods, and because of that parts of our body start to wear down. Our digestive track and organs gets quite the workout trying to break down those hard foods and find whatever nutrients it can find to feed the rest of our body. When you are juicing, the organs get a rest and the nutrients from the juice are already in tiny molecules and are immediately used to repair and build anything that has started to wear down in your body. Also, by relieving the body of the work of digesting foods, the body is able to rid itself of toxins.

Shelby and BrandonBefore you juice you need to make sure you prepare your body, you slowly wean out grains, nuts, legumes, and any processed foods. Typically I like to eat just raw fruits and vegetables for 2 days before the fast. That way the body isn't in too much of a shock. You'll also need to take a good fiber supplement, I like to take magnesium to help cleanse the colon before and after your fast. But not during!

For me, juicing has been a constant stable. Its a hard reset and it always, always get me on the right track. It makes me feel so great during and after the fast. I've heard that many people, especially celebrities will do juice fast to hurry and shed a few pounds. You do shed a few pounds, but it'll come right back if you go back to eating all the junk you were before. But if you do it the right way after you finish a cleanse you can maintain that weight and continue with healthy eating habits. Its very important to how you end your cleanse. The effects of the fast can be ruined by eating cooked foods immediately afterward. So follow up  the fast with a two-day diet of raw fruits and vegetables.

Shelby and BrandonOne benefit to after having a juice cleanse is the sensitivity you develop to your diet and your surrounding. Your body craves the good stuff and your more satisfied with natural sugars and whole foods. That is defiantly a high after you finish  a cleanse, you realize how much more self control you have over what you eat. Always empowering.

Some facts about juicing that always gets me so excited and motivated.
"Fresh Vegetable juices are restorers. They boost the immune system, remove acid wastes, and alkalize the blood.  Green juices cleanse the body of pollutants and have a rejuvenation effect. Made from a variety of green vegetables, green juices are rich in Chlorophyll, which helps to purify the blood, build red blood cells, detoxify and heal the body and provide the body with fast energy. "
"A fast can help you heal with a great speed; cleanse your liver, kidneys, and colon; purify your blood; help you lose excess weight and water; flush out toxins; clear the eyes and tongue; and cleanse the breath."  -Balch

Those few sentences are what help me get through when I'm starting to wonder why I am doing a cleanse- because like I said its hard! BUT It took years to wear your body down, and it will take time to build it back up to its peak condition. But by changing few things, getting rid of unwanted foods, adding more juices and cleansing you body it can and will improve your health.

That was a lot of information, and I still didn't cover all the in's and out's of a Juice Cleanse. However, if you any questions, or comments please leave them below and I will try my best to answer them. Or you can also email me with any questions!

Shelby and Brandon
And again a huge thanks to Vive Juicery, their juices are powerful, fresh and energy boosters. I have so many favorite juices from their menu, but if you are going to try any of them try the Sensi- (activated charcoal + Cayenne pepper you can read the benefits here and all the other ingredients are just so good) and The Hulk- SO much goodness in it!!   Give yourself a healthier way to live and start incorporating more juices.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Merry Christmas. We've been busy up to our eyeballs with doing things with family. Its been a Christmas to remember from all the things we've done, and the time we've spent together with both mine and Brandon's family. One major theme that we have talked about with our families is how we keep Christ as the center of our thoughts. With so many things to do, and so many things to buy or make, the main purpose of this Holiday can be swept away pretty quickly. So by discussing what we should do and how to improve its made me more aware of everything I am doing.

I've also tried to unplug from social media, and picture taking (even though now I'm sad I don't have a lot of photos) its been nice to be present and fully attentive. It really has been so wonderful. On Christmas Morning we were able to wake up together as a family and open just a few presents. It was calm and brought so much joy to see my boys light up as they opened their presents. So magical. I'm  grateful for this time to reflect on our the birth of the Savior and to be together with family. Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas as well. Shelby and Brandon