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Brandon and Shelby Osmond

The Mister-
 written by the Mama
1. He wishes I would squeeze from the bottom of the Toothpast tube.
2. He's an advertiser, an art director, a photographer, musician, singer- he sings in the home- but not enough for me.
3. The only time he gets mad is in the car. I mean he's a good driver and all its  just all the other drivers... right??
4. He talks to himself.
5. He still uses cheesy pick up lines.
Me: "Man, its hot in here..." B: "Thats because your here.... (wink)"
Turns me on so much... (not)
6. He is an actor and can do any voice/accent of any character. Like Kermit the Frog- ask him, you'll see.
7. He hates cats, but bought one for me for our first Christmas because he knew how much I love them.
8. He has thick, luscious hair, kinda jealous- maybe not because he gets headaches quite often.
9. He cries more than me.
10. He served his mission in Scotland and he threaten to wear a kilt to our wedding. I threatened to not marry him. (no offense scots) 

The Mama
written by the Mister
1. She has trouble with her lefts and rights
2. Her favorite part of the day is the last few hours, because thats the time we get to sit and talk- sometimes really, really late.
3. She graduated in Deaf Studies and taught ASL at her Alma mater along side the teachers that taught her.
4. She has a desire to got to Africa to live with the people there. If I had a job offer there- you would bet she would be on the next plane there.
5. She has a disease called "making up words."
6. She can't stand it when I touch her feet.
7. She will spend very little on herself and if she does bring something home its back on the shelf at the store the next week.
8. She is a better photographer than me and I'm the one her taught her how to use a camera. The irony.
9. She truly feels for other people and I mean if your crying she is right next to you crying along.
10. She gets goosebumps a lot. In fact its a way to rate how she is feeling- cold, sad, inspired, loved, or comforted.

written by the daddy
1. He does everything he can to stall bedtime, including falling from his bed and screaming "help me! I can't get up!!"
2. He is astonishingly good at cleaning up. No matter whose house or mess it is.
3. He LOVES puzzles, in fact he's pretty good at it and put a 50 piece puzzle together just recently.
4. He is true friend, sweet, loving and caring. And he's my friend.
5. Doesn't miss a day to say goodbye at the window when I leave for work. And doesn't miss a beat making sure Daddy and Mommy both hug and kiss before I leave. He keeps us in check.
6. He hums to himself. All. Day. Long.
7. He is a better dancer than his daddy.
8. He's a lazy a boy, he'll never walk up the stairs by himself.
9. You give him a cookie or a slice of apple. He'll take the apple. You give him a muffin or broccoli, he'll take the broccoli.
10. He is a sweeter than sweet.

written by the mamma
1. He loves it when we sing to him, it one of the best ways to soothe him.
2. He can grab as fast as lightening- using his left hand only.
3. He loves to kick his feet on the ground- hard. The poor neighbors downstairs.
4. He loves to nurse and nurses probably more than he should.
5. One of his ears has a point bump- he gets it from his Dad.
6. The first thing he does when he wakes up is smile. Even if he has been bawling.
7. He is a cuddle bug and can't stand not being held.
8. Hes got his mam's cheeks and his Daddy's round eyes. Oh wait, was it the other way around??
9. He can say mamma already- and he totally know what it means. ;)
10. He is LOUD and usually only when someone is sleeping.