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Because She Does

Awhile back, I was going through those times, you know… when you look in the mirror and can’t say anything positive about yourself or when a positive comment comes your way you swat it down like a fly coming to rest on your shoulder. In fact, I just felt plain ugly all. the. time. and couldn’t find a good trait to my name.

Then one day those bricks came down and knocked some sense into me- it was crucial for me to reach deep down and find that true beautiful self inside me - not beauty as the world sees it but as Gods sees it. It was a slow process, like a recovering addict I slowly was able to see positive and feel positive about myself. And that’s when I decided to write this post- and piece by piece I thought of my new idea: I want to have a reoccurring theme about true beautiful women to appear on my blog. SO, every Thursday I will be writing a post about a woman in my life that is beautiful to me and how they have touched my life.

Don’t go yet, I not done. in fact, I want to let you know my thoughts from the rediscovering of my true self. I am sure there are some of you who have gone through this moment in your life or you might be going through this now... when you look in the mirror and see nothing but negative (i think its a very common theme among women)

I am here to make plain that when this happens you are going no where fast. You need to be able to love your body/self and what it can do – see, hear, feel, laugh, move and breathe. We live in a world were we are bombarded with the message of women as an icon as nothing but a figure. We need to look past those messages, because in reality only 5% of the women population actually has the physical makeup to achieve that look. Embrace your body for what it is. Look past what the world is telling you and know that beauty is just not what’s on the outside but what is on the inside, your virtue,  and how you decide to let that beauty shine. 

Have you ever noticed when you feel negative about yourself you can’t seem to look past you. But when you feel good about yourself you are so much more pleasant to others and can give a lot more.

One way to change and feel good about yourself is to pick one good thing about you; it can either be a talent, your smile, your eyes, whatever it is you continually build off that and then changes can start to happen.

So we start on this journey of ‘Because She Does’- I didn't want to bore you with too much text. However, I do hope you will only take the good from the people I post about and hopefully you will start to think about yourself and others and how beautiful you can be in your own, true way…  

I really hope you can think of a woman who has has touched your life, if so I would LOVE to hear from you. Send in your submission to all credit given to you of course.