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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

ME... as a pilot

Recently Dad purchased a plane, for convience to be with the family. On our way back to Salt Lake I sat in the Co-pilot seat and as Tom, the Pilot was explaining everything to me he actually let me fly the plane. In fact now looking back at it, I was the first one to fly Dad's plane! Yeah!

Long story short, I was actually flying the plane at this moment in time and I turned around to take a picture in action. And Tom, the pilot, yells through the headphones "Keep your eyes on the Horizon!" haha woops...

This is me with no teeth, or at least it looks like it... haha


Angela said...

Wow, that is so cool! Way to go Shelby :)

By the way, I saw your new blog link on Makana's blog and had to check it out. This is so cute! I will send you an invite to mine, I just posted some stuff from Grandma's birthday (yeah, I'm behind...).

makana said...

Thanks Shelby! See it's not that hard. Now we will have something else to talk about (your aspiring dreams of becoming a pilot! This is Mckay Btw.

Oh and take the word verification's annoying

Unknown said...

AWWW!!! Those pictures are awesome!!! OH MY GOODNESS SHELB! Co-pilot! that is sooo cool!! :D AHH!! Way cool! All those pictures are sooo cute! :D

kaysi van dyke fox said...

shelby, you are so cute!!! congrats on being married!! i found you through makanas blog!! :) i love all of the pictures of you and your hubby!