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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Family Reunion

Alright here are the fun photos from the reunion!

Here is after the pie eating contest..

Fear Factor! 
For this game we had different activities we had to do. This particular activity we had one partner put shaving cream on their face and the other had a minute to throw as much cheerios on their face. Well, Clayt and Grace won with 72 cheerios! Here we are before the cheerios were put on...

Here was my awesome partner! Joshua was such a great sport
We all died laughing when we saw Clayt's plan for winning the game... no wonder he won :)

This fear factor activity was the bubble blowing contest. To win you and your partner had to blow a bubble at the same time. It wasn't very easy w
ith how hard the gum was... haha
The winner's of the candy counting contest!

Family Feud...

Here Diane and Harold J are up to each other
Cassidy, the lovely Vana White...

Asking a really hard question to kelsi

Brad our awesome Host of the game... He did a wonderful job keeping the game civilized 
Mom, the awesome inventor of the game and did such a wonderful job with all the games!
Now.. what you all have been waiting for... its not very long but its pretty great. The other team didn't realize that by doing what they did would hurt the other team. But watching it afterwards when all the hurt is gone its pretty funny. I'm pretty sure that Cassidy and I watched it over and over it again watching every person's reaction.  So here you go watch it as many times as you want :)


McKay said...

That looks like so much fun! Great job Mom at organizing it. I couldn't make out the reactions on the rope pull. Did you guys let go of the rope on purpose?

makana said...

Isn't McKay supposed to be working instead of looking at blogs? :)

Thanks for posting the picts Shelbs. That looks like a lot of fun everyone had there. And the games looked awesome. What a lot of effort into organizing that.

Brandon Osmond said...

Yeah we planned it before that we would count to 3 and let go...

Jake and Kari Williams said...

Looks like the family reunion was a blast!! We wished we could have been there! Next year we'll have to have a re-match on the cheerio sticking contest-- we'll see if Jake and I can beat Grace and Clayt (we'll start practicing now)--thank you for all the great pictures!!!

Angela said...

Great pics Shelby! I loved that you included the video :)
By the way, I stole a couple of your pictures (and I'm not giving them back, wah ha ha!).

Tina said...

Ya I heard that you guys hurt Jeni! I saw a picture. Her arm looks pretty bad and it will most likely scar from her kids forgetting it is there and making it bleed over and over.
Thanks for the video. I can hear Jeni screaming over everyone. Cleaver trick to win though! So fun!!!

kaysi van dyke fox said...

oh i am so jealous shelby!! me and nick need to go hiking before the weather gets too bad!! you and your sisters are so gorgeous!! :)