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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Mount Timpanogos

We just recently hiked Mount Timp and for me it was my first time (I guess I didn't realize how hard the hike was and had gone to the gym in the morning and took an step/aerobic class for about 2 hours... So I was pretty exhausted.)  We started at about 6 and hiked till about 10 and then tried to get some sleep on the hard ground. Well we got about an hour of sleep because of all the bugs and I don't think it helped that me and Brandon were in the same sleeping bag squished, trying to keep warm... ha ha. We woke up and started hiking again to the summit. We got to the top and waited till the sunrise came up and it was so beautiful.

The group when we still sane...

We made it to the saddle

Now at the top waiting for the sunrise.


Brandon's pretty happy he found his lunch for the day


Brad and Kimberly said...

I did that once. Started at 2 AM. I think the sunrise looks just as good from the bottom!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Those are some fun pictures. I love that hike, it's tough, but a lot of fun. At least you got to see the sunrise, when i went they didn't wake me up so i didn't see it. :(

marcia said...

Wow that looks so fun! I loved doing that every year but we never slept over night so I never saw the early sunrise like that. You guys are so cute!!!!! You guys are such a cute couple!

Unknown said...

AWW! that looks like a ton of fun guys!! You guys are soo cute together! i love all your pictures! Fun fun fun! :D

Jon and Jessica said...

so... we want to join your circle of friends :)