Friday, March 19, 2010

Green potatoes and Chicken?

Growing up, my mom was always the first one to celebrate any holiday, she always made things fun and creative and if there was ever a reason to celebrate we would. So taking after my Mom this St. Patricks day we had a green, St. Patrick's day dinner. Brandon was surprised, not growing up with this tradition (which is totally fine, again our family just love to celebrate everything :) So when he saw green potatoes, four leaf clover rolls and green jello he was shocked but excited to have a fun dinner.


makana said...

Cute! Way to celebrate shelby!

marcia said...

my pic didn't come up. i'm dying to see what your dinner looked like. So very creative. I'm going to do the four leaf clover rolls next year.

Elma Gonzales said...

Hi Shelby,
I cannot see the picture. There's only a little white square in the middle. Can you please upload it again?