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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Class is dismissed!!

Wahoo! School is done and I really want to thank everyone that came to a boring graduation for me! Here are some pictures of the wonderful, windy day :)

Receiving the diploma

The awesome certificate Kelsi and Cassidy gave me says,
"This certifies that shelby H. Osmond In recognition of Outstanding service for Graduating from UVU has been duty selected by the committee of awards to receive this certification given at the Osmond Residence this Happy day of 30 in the year 2010"
Haha we had a good laugh

Some shots taken while we were waiting for our food afterwards

Our Baby Boy graduated with me! :)

I finished the race!

Almost everyone that came, Cassidy, Daniel and Don are missing...

Most everyone who graduated in Deaf studies :)

Cute mom

I love this shot of Melisa :)

Walking out- we were so excited


Tina said...

You look so beautiful and I'm really amazed and impressed that you finished school right before having your baby! Way to Go!!
Now the countdown is on to your sweet little boy arriving. Any thoughts for his name yet or is it going to be a surprise?

McKay said...

Congrats sis! I wish that I could have been there to celebrate with you. That is quite the accomplishment and I am glad that it worked out perfectly so that you can now focus on being a Mom.

Jenny Alama said...

Yay! What an accomplishment! Congratulations!

makana said...

Wahoo! Way to go sis!

Bailey Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS YOU CUTE GIRL! Way happy and excited for you! What an accomplishment! Cant wait to see baby boy!!!

Unknown said...

Awe! That was such a fun day! I loved every second of it!! (: Hee hee! congradulations over and over again! Such cute pictures sista! I love the one with just us! so cute! Finally we got one together! (: twins sisters forever! Love ya! P.S. Happy Mothers Day! Hee Hee!

marcia said...

Great pics! I'm so proud of you. What a fun day we had. You are so beautiful prego!

Dave and Lizzie said...

Cute pictures!! Congrats on graduating especially while pregnant! You are so adorable.