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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Daxton made the headlines!

Have you ever heard of the National Enquirer? Have you ever picked one up while standing in line at the grocery store? Well if you have, please keep this in mind that most of the things you will see and read are most likely false. The National Enquirer will take any story from an "insider" whether true or false. Most of the time the stories have some truth, but the rest is blown out of proportion.

With that background I now have the privilege(should I say :)) of saying that Daxton made it into the National Enquirer along with Whitney Houston, Kristen Stewart, Reese Witherspoon... yada yada yada. We had a good laugh when we read this article and you will too if you know the real story. Read below to find out what was said about Daxton and his struggle for survival.

Donny Osmond faced a frantic family crisis recently as his infant grandchild nearly died, the ENQUIRER had learned exclusively. As the life-or-death drama unfolded, Donny flew from Las Vegas - where he's been watching over his distraught sister Marie- to Utah, where his third Grandchild was struggling to stay alive.
Donny's son photographer Brandon Osmond called his father in a panic because his wife Shelby was having difficulty with her pregnancy in mid-June. On three separate occasions, Shelby was rushed to the Alta View Hospital in Sandy, Utah, Suffering from severe labor pains. She was send home the first two times after the pain eased and labor stopped progressing. But the third time, Brandon worried about the slow progress and his wife's intense pain insisted that she stay in the hospital.
"Brandon's voice was trembling with fear," said a family insider.
"He called his dad and told him, 'The baby's not coming out like it should- please get here fast.'"
Donny, who performs in a Las Vegas production with Marie, immediately flew to Utah, although he was worried to leave his sister, even for a short time.
Marie has been deeply distraught since her son Michael leapt to his death in Los Angeles in February. As the ENQUIRER has reported, the Osmond family has been so concerned about her mental health, they've considered having her leave the show to get treatment at a mental hospital.
so Donny had to go," said the insider. "He was feeling the pressure of being pulled in both directions- and trying his best to help out."
At midnight on June 18th, little Daxton Michael Osmond was born, he was having problems breathing. The infant was taken to neonatal intensive care unit as the Osmonds prayed for him to pull through.
After three nights, the baby began to nurse and breathe properly, and was able to go home.
Throughout the crisis, Donny shuttled back and forth between his grandson's bedside and Marie in Vegas. Little Daxton is now expected to make a full recovery, and Marie has also been doing better recently.
"Donny was a solid rock throughout the ordeal," added the insider.

So there you have it. The drama coming from this insider. It looks like they got some truth but overall we had a good laugh. :)


-Danica- said...

Haha.. I totally wish my family was as cool as yours :) How funny this will be to show Daxton once he is older!

JDizzle said...

I was the insider.. :) that's pretty funny

JDizzle said...

I was the insider.. :) that's pretty funny

makana said...

Fanmous and not even one! Way to go Daxton!

Shumway Adventures said...

Wow.... Very Interesting!

Kathlyn Osmond said...

I'd like to hear the real scoop. What really did happen?

McKay said...

They did leave one part out though, but I am so glad that Super Donny swooped in to personally deliver the baby and perform emergency open heart surgery on BOTH baby and mother to save the day, my nephew, and my sister.

mfk1022 said...

honestly how you put up with the tabloids is beyond me!I can see then writing about Donny after he is the celebrity but the rest of you should not be fair game!

Kelsi said...

What an amazing story. I think you should just change your giving birth to that story. I'm sure people would believe you.

Robin L Greenslade said...

Tabloids ... make great birdcage liners. I am so glad that Daxton has wonderful parents with a great sense of humor when stuff like this gets printed.

Heather Bliss said...

Oh my, that's hilarious! Goo, that must have been one crazy week! :)