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Monday, January 31, 2011

The big 26!

It was the husbands birthday on Saturday and it was so fun to prepare and get ready for this special day. One of my big gifts this year was something told to me by my sis-in-law Makana. I will have to show what it looked like when I have a little bit more time. But needless to say he loved it. :)

In the morning we had an enjoyable time doing an endowment session at the Provo Temple. And after I surprised him with an activity I knew he would love.
As most of you know Brandon is very creative and is so artistic. He learned how to do ceramics in a class he took at school and of course was the best out of his class. With a little teaching by Brandon we all had a turn at the wheel and tried to create something unique.

Playing with Brandon's new toy

Brandon's mom got a cake that was so cute! Its him sitting on his Dad's plane. LOL

Blowing out  the already blown out candles haha

Happy Birthday Brandon!


Elma Gonzales said...

Hi, Shelby!
I really like your picures.

makana hansen said...

haha! Oh man what a fun day you had planned. You are very creative! How does he like his new toy? :)

ALY said...

your little man is soooooooooooo cute,can we see the end product.

JDizzle said...

Good job shelby! Looks like it was a good birthday.

marcia said...

Such a creative idea to go and do pottery. We had a blast. THanks for inviting us.

Oh, Sweet!... said...

What a fun birthday! Looks like a lot of fun!