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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas time

Christmas came and went so fast. It was a blast to have all of the family here,we did so much and had so much fun.

We first started off with a Christmas cruise on the Provo River...
I think the best part was our tour guide who pulled our boat through the entire

We then made it to our tradition of going to Temple square, seeing the Church film and walking through the Art museum

We then made to the moon- were we floated and walked.

Lounging around

Of course a dogpile broke out

The three cousins decided to take a bath together and it was so cute!
*Don't worry their all modest

Then we ended the year with a New Years Eve party and dance, sang, and laughed the night through.

Daxton's New Years resolution is to grow out his hair...
I think he's off to a good start.

Happy New Year!!


makana hansen said...

That was fun to look through. You look like you are going to FLY right off the moon! The Temple picture is beautiful!

swissmilly said...

Love your pictures Shelby. Daxton is só cute!

Kylee Copeland said...

Shelby, your pictures are all so cute. That is, except for the one where I look like I may eat Linnea. New Years was so fun and it looks like you guys had a great Christmas season!

marcia said...

ahh such great memories! Wish everyone was back again. It went too fast. That wig is hilarious on Daxton. I love the 3 cousins taking a bath together.