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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oranges and a Baby

He loves oranges. 
He sings when he sees them.
So I had to capture the moment, when he was in his orange mood. 
I think I might also need to cut his hair soon... what do you think? 


Megan Valantine said...

dont cut his hair :) it looks ADORABLE!! My baby does FLIPS in my stomach when I eat oranges! Maybe she'll like them too?

makana hansen said...

Love all the orange! I think you should grow his out more. It is so cute!

Kylee Copeland said...

Shelby, I love this post. Your blog is always so fun to read, thanks for sharing your cute baby boy with us! PS. I think his hair is stinkin cute. :)

marcia said...

don't cut the hair. I love how he loves the oranges. What cute pictures!!!!

ckleinca said...

Thanks for sharing the year in review - it was so fun to read and see all the family - that was the first Don and Jessi wedding pic I saw to date. Love the Osmond family and you are so lucky to be a part of all the love!!! Treasure it always! Daxton is as handsome as ever! So cute with the basket picture and the little man pictures! The expressions he portrays are so precious! They sure don't stay little for long! Makes the "Dog Mom" wish she had children instead sometimes! Love Ya all and Thanks for Sharing!