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Thursday, March 10, 2011

How to Make Old Fashion Paper with Coffee.

Coffee? Yep we don't drink coffee but we have other uses for it like staining paper and stinking up the place (my husband would say... but I love the smell :)  :)

Here are the steps that I took- again really simple but they worked for me. 

What you'll Need:
  • Old book for the paper
  • Coffee or tea ( I used instant coffee and it was a lot simpler for me)
  • Cookie Sheets
  • Oven
How to Age the Paper:

1. If you want to print or write anything on your paper you need to do it BEFORE you do this process.
2. Preheat the oven to 200
3. Make coffee and pour just enough of it onto a cookie sheet. (It doesn't have to be very much because  the paper won't soak up very much of it)
4. Tear out paper and place in on Cookie sheet with all the coffee (I used an old cookie sheet)
5. Let it soak make sure the entire sheet is cover, along with the front and back.
6. Transfer paper onto another dry cookie sheet.
7. Place cookie sheet with the paper into the oven for about 6 minutes or until the paper is dry.
8. Very gently, loosen the paper from the cookie sheet- it will be hot so be careful!

Additional Tips:

  •  To give the paper a more aged look pour some of the coffee bits onto the paper and let it sit for awhile before rubbing it off. Or you can rub it around the edges giving it more of a burnt look.
  •  You can rub your finger around the edges of the paper to wear them out. You can also wear a hole in the middle by rubbing  the paper with your fingers. 
  •  You can experiment with the colors- coffee will make the paper darker while the tea will give it a lighter look.


Dave and Lizzie said...

What I cool idea! Great job on the cabinet by the way! Looks FANTASTIC!

makana hansen said...

I LOVE this tutorial! I never would have thought to use coffee. Very clever sis! And thanks for all the photos. That makes it easier

marcia said...

so thats how you did it. Very cool. I need to try that. Any coffee left. Ha.

Jenni.Woodmansee said...

SHELBY. I am sitting here right now telling Michael how your blog is SO DANG adorable just like you are! I love this. I cannot wait to follow this blog! Your little family is so beautiful and I've already decided that we need to get together so you can help me be more crafty :) you've got skills girlfriend!

Kelsi said...

Oh goodness I've been wondering what to do with all my extra coffee. Thanks for the heads up.

Jenny Alama said...

How are you so creative? Will you please share some with me? Ok thanks.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

mmm i like the idea of having the apt smell like coffee. For some reason i just love that smell. I also love the effect it has, very creative sis.

Rachele Funk said...

I totally found this tutorial through Pinterest, but it was so funny because when I saw the picture of your family I immediately thought --he looks like an Osmond! -- and then looked down to see that he is an Osmond. . . I am a grand-daughter of Ora Yeaman, Olive's Aunt. Great tutorial, too!

Anonymous said...

In the last picture, do you have the paper soaking in water?

Shelby Osmond said...

In the last picture it is soaking in coffee.

Unknown said...

I like using coffee than tea, because tea can't give darker effect :)

TerrieL said...
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