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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Texas is for Lovers!

Texas is for Lovers. Okay are you ready to find a new best friend? I have one for you. Her name is Makana, and I heart this girl. Seriously. I am obsessed with her life and stalk her blog everyday, maybe even a couple times a day. 

She is full of insight, date ideas, good laughs, good stories, she is the most loyal friend and I promise your life will only be better by knowing her. So, she is here as a guest post recapping one of her  awesome date ideas... after your finished reading you should go see her blog, and follow her I promise you won't be sorry. 

But before I go and before you leave, you should click on here. Enter.  Again, if you do this- you won't be sorry....

Hi there ladies and gents... mostly ladies :)
If you are reading this then I know two things. 

1) you like Shelby a whole lot
2) you are going to like me a whole lot 

I am just your average farm raised Californian-Hawaiian who fell in love with boy from Utah who now lives in Texas. I am slightly manic and need to be busy. Yes, NEED. I love people and having fun and try to stay happy amidst lots of things that are sad in the world. Because there are lots of things that are happy. And I try to keep our home and marriage and family happy. Some days are bettah' than others if you get what I mean. Yes, above all I am normal. "Get grumpy when I am tired" (name that line Bachelor fans!)

Anyhoo... now that we have formalities outta the way, come on in! Have a seat! Can I get you some lemonade? How about some TIM TAMS? Or Milo? Or whatever else you drink in the land down undah' 'cause  I know you want to go there. Or go back. And here is your chance. You are welcome. 

It started with this little invite the night before. Don't fret my friends. I made it cute with leftover scrap paper
How are we traveling in style to Australia (well our TX version)
in my car. But did you catch that I AM DRIVING. Its kinda a big deal bc boys generally drive in my relationship. 
Our first stop was the zoo. Since down undah' there are loads of animals I thought we would go on a scavenger hunt for all sorts of animals. I found animals from Australia that would also be at our zoo. I laminated the paper and each person had a dry erase marker to check off what animals they saw. 
(If you wanted this to be really cheap you could find animals at the library or bookstore)
{and here is where I 'ess-plain that I have managed to loose the scavenger chart in just 4 days so you will have to use your imagine chit-lins. Losing things, well, that happens quite a lot around me. Marbles???? }
yes, the monkey is in fact mooning me

two little cave men

Momma giraffe and new baby giraffe. 
And this is what inspired the date.... a high school fundraiser. 
Im sorta a big sucker for kids selling things. 
We had never been to Outback before as a couple so it was a FIRST! 
I heart firsts. 
And since this was to the zoo it was really kid-friendly so we brought along our favorite kid. 
(yours truly is on the right. The other right. The one WITHOUT heart-shaped glasses)

But we were not quite done so after stuffing ourselves like true Australians 
(I have no research to base that on btw)

We played a game that I KNOW is played in Australian because it involves Tim Tams and one of
my best friends is Australian and she told me about it so it must be true... 
(that was a really long sentence to say in one breath)
You have to eat as many as possible without using your hands. 
for the record... its hard. So back off!

Well I sure enjoyed sharing with you on Miss Shelby's blog here. We heart Shelby in our house. And if you haven't notices, she is full of great ideas and funny stories. Now come on over to my place and I can't promise it will always be clean or that I will have showered but I can promise it will be F-U-N! 
(and we will try to happy... even when potty training and that time-of-the-month)

See?? Wasn't I right? Now go ahead I give you permission to be her friend. 

Thanks Makana it was fun to have you on here!


Marissa said...

Ummm...what's her blog? She seems quite fun.

makana hansen said...

well hi there Marissa! Yes, I am fun. I keep telling myself that anyway! Its There is a link in the post as well at the bottom if that does not work

Marcia Hansen said...

That was the cutest blog ever. It's obvious you love life to the fullest and I'm so happy to have you as a friend.

teresa said...

fun blog. Can't wait to read more!

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelby and Makana

Just wanted to say that I love reading both your blogs. I'm not registered as an official follower but please include me in the number of your followers as I check them each day!!!

I love how positive and fun loving you both are and I really love your values - family, friends, religion etc etc. Good luck to you both as you raise your beautiful families


Shelby Osmond said...

Thank you Caroline that was very sweet of you to say that. You must be a wonderful person yourself and I am glad that you commented thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Shelby - I was always a little nervous about commenting before because I came across your blog as a result of being a fan of Donny's and I was unsure whether you would want such a public audience let alone from someone in the UK.

Assuming that you're ok with this,I'll comment some more from time to time as I love reading what you and your family are up to.

I also follow Brandon's photography blog and I really love his pictures. He is so talented and takes such wonderful photo's.

I look forward to reading more of your updates and seeing how your beautiful son is growing up


Anonymous said...

Girls, you are having far too much fun! lol