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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Because She Does, Thursday

Hi there folks. My name is Makana Hansen and I am a SAHM and author of PB&J handprints and Texas is for Lovers. And I want to honor a special group of women in my life. 
My mommy and her mommy and sister, and my sisters and my daughter. Confused yet? Lemme show y'all

This is my mom. Then My Gram. Then her (my moms) sister, aka: Anna my Aunt
I admire them for so many reasons: Beautiful, talented, so very kind just to name a few
But also because they all three always have time for me. 
I suffer from middle-child syndrome. (4th of 10... so almost the middle)
I can call up my mom or gram in far away CA and they always have time to chat
---unless my mom is in the library studying (she went back to school after we all were gown-up)
--or unless my "Papa" needs help. Then my Gram is right there to assist with whatever the need is
--or if Anna is not there at her house 15 minutes away from me because she taking a child to swim practice or to play at a friends or all the things that keep her going
and these are my sisters. Kiana, Tiare, Becca, Leialoha, Leilani, and yours truly (makana)
and she just joined our family in May. "She's" name is Ashlee
My sisters make me laugh so hard I cry.
and we make silly faces so well

 and they are always on the best behavior for family pictures

but mostly, my sisters are always my friends. Even when I am rude and grumpy and selfish. 
Or when I need help making 100 candy lei's for a dance that starts in 6 hours
or need motivation to move to TX and they say "I have a house you can stay in for free"
Do we fight. Uhm, yes! Well, we did. We argued as kids and teens. We borrowed clothes, money, and sometimes deodorant when I was in a bind. We spent countless hours trying to weed the garden, raise pigs to be sold at the fair, and hiding from the really hard work that needed to be done. My sisters are priceless
..............and this is my creation..............
J Maliana. She really is a gift from my Heavenly Father more than my creation. 
She looks like her daddy. And she reminds me every day to dance, to play and to not take things seriously.
She is very independent and is loves to play in her own world of princesses and castles and batman
She loves the Temple, Jesus and her daddy. She reminds me to get back to the basics and that these short years will be all too soon a memory. She gives me hugs for no reason and that reminds me to share that love. My daughter says hi to EVERYONE and points out the little treasure that the Lord has given me

Thanks Makana for your submission! 
And we would love to hear from you, send a post about a women who has really touched your life.


marcia said...

That was such a neat post Makana. You do have such a great family. All of them have felt like family to me since I met them. (Your mom especially.) And who couldn't love and adore little Jaedyn. No wonder you're so perfect Makana.

Robin L Greenslade said...

Beautiful! Makana, what a wonderful tribute to your mom, sisters and daughter! Reading these posts always leaves me feeling breathless with gratitude for the love women share as they inspire us; many times unknowingly.

makana hansen said...

thank you for the feature! And yes, I am perfect :)
It was fun to sit down and think about these women and I could have gone on for a very long time about each one of them. I love Thursdays!

teresa said...

A great tribute, loved it!

Devon said...

Beautiful family, beautiful girls and beautiful tribute! thanks Makana!

Becky said...

Isn't it the best when you can have your sisters crack you up so hard. I love that photo whoever caught that is good! Thanks for the post!