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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Because She Does, Thursday

Today we have a submission from Gail Chambers. What a great story, and how lucky she must be to have family so close...

The most Inspirational Women in my life are my mother and  my seven sisters.
I am the 7th child of 12,  (there are 8 girls and 4 boys).
Daddy was in the Royal Navy (Fleet Air Arm), we moved from base to base as children never in the same place for more than 3 or 4 years at a stretch.
This wasnt as unsettling as it could have been because my best friends came along with me  - my siblings.
With daddy away at sea for sometimes up to 2 years, mummy raised us practically single handedly.
We are extremely close, even now as adults, all married with our own families, I cannot go through the week without phoning one or the other......maybe even 2 or 3 times a day.
Yes my childhood home(s) were  noisey and at times chaotic, maybe mummy didnt always have the time for each of us BUT none of us EVER felt left out, if mummy was busy I just went to one of my sisters with what ever was bothering me, safe in the knowledge, that if they couldnt handle the problem another would be called into the room and between us I felt we could achieve anything ! If we REALLY needed mummy, we would follow her into the kitchen and close the door....a closed door in our house meant we needed to knock. No doors were ever "closed".
Sharing a bedroom with 6 siblings at a time doesnt leave much room for secrets  ha ha
Another plus is, the fun as a teenager, borrowing my older (working) sisters clothes / shoes !!
So here's to my Inspirational Women : Susan, Marilyn, Jillian, Shelley, Elizabeth, Sarah & Emma......and ofc my Mother.... love you all


Lauren said...

Thanks for sharing Gail, as a girl that comes from a family with many sisters its so important to have close connections and ties with them. What a cool story to have to share to your children as well.

Anonymous said...

You can never replace those memories. What a great family you have.

marcia said...

I loved reading those memories you have of your family. I know my kids never needed friends either because their siblings were their best friends growing up. Now I hope they continue to follow in your footsteps and remain that close. (6 in one room! I love that)

Gail Chambers said...

Thankyou Shelby for posting my story and thankyou for those replies. I am now a mother of 5 and when people gasp (FIVE?) my reply is "yes ONLY five!" .....

Stacey said...

Love the pictures and what a great family to be so close. thanks for your story Gail.