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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

B.O.O.T. Camp

This past weekend Brandon and I were the directors for Youth conference- a big event for the youth in our church. 
It was A. TON of work but we had a lot of fun preparing and being up there with the kids.
Our theme was B.O.O.T camp or Build Our Own Testimony. 
We split the kids into platoons and the entire time we were up there they did activities; competing against each other for points for the awesome award at the end. 
We created 'title of liberties', did a Zip line, morning drills, hike, challenge activities, chopped wood, scavenger hunt and a bunch more.
it seemed to be successful but i'll leave it up to the youth to confirm that. 


Mary said...

What fun! I love the youth Conferences~

*Stephanie Lance* said...

Oh my gosh that looks and sounds like so much fun! of course you guys were the directors, because you guys are THAT awesome!!! I'm sure everyone had a blast and gained stronger testimonies, for sure! I loved that kind of stuff when I was a youth!! Way to go! You guys are so cool! :)

marcia said...

That looked like lots of fun. Good job.I'm sure they loved it.

Jenni said...

Well they picked the PERFECT people to be in charge of that! Great job, you guys! And thanks so much for posting pictures! I miss all my kids!!!! It's so good to see them! That looks fun! Wish I could have been there!

Cherie said...

It looks very similar to the UK Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme, (though its not a church thing) the kids gets lots of value from it though, and they get a Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal.The skills they learn are invaluable, and they take these skills into the community.Looks like your venturers had a ball:)

Robin L Greenslade said...

What I would give for 1/2 of your energy and creativity!

Erica and Spencer said...

It looks like it was a ton of fun and I think the kids loved it! I am totally sad I wasn't able to come!

carolyne b said...

I love youth conferences. Where else can the youth of our church go to get spirtually fed, in today's society that teaches them to look after number 1. The best part about youth conference is to listen to what the kids have to say, and their testimonies. They know that the world is watching and that they have a great responsiblity on their shoulders. But they are strong, saved for the latter days to be a witness of Christ.
Thanks for sharing. It looks like you and Brandon had a great time.

Unknown said...

I just got back from my church's youth camp last night. It was great, but very tiring. It was my first time going to camp and just hang with the youth and other youth leader like myself.

We had Olympia games two days and that was fun other than it was very hot inside. My team went to the semi-finals.

Its fun working with the teenagers.