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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sing a little, reminisce a little

Before we were married Brandon and I were in a choir together -this is partially how we met. and recently we just had reunion with all the people in that choir who were apart of our dating years. It was a great opportunity to annoyingly repeat- Brandon! Do you remember ____" or "Do you remember when we _____"
it was great to reminisce, and see all the wonderful people that were apart of our dating years, 
and it was also great to hear our awesome choir director crack his jokes- and once again, remind us that he takes full credit for our marriage. 



McKay said...


Daxton has so much hair now!

Anonymous said...

I'm in a choir too - it's so much fun isn't it (even though our choir is probably more like Sister Act than anything proper and formal!!!). It's so good for the soul - would recommend it to anyone!

Hope you're well


Robin L Greenslade said...

I always enjoy having the chance to re-connect with treasured moments of the past and the people who made it special.

makana hansen said...

Reunions are the best! And you are lookin' mighty fine. Can't wait to see daxton

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Oh how i miss bro. Eggot (however you spell it)and his random jokes. fun you guys to see old friends again.

marcia said...

I'm with Mckay. Daxton's hair looks so long and I just saw him. He also looks like a little boy not a baby anymore.