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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Because She Does, Thursday

A couple weeks ago I went to lunch with two incredible women, and they stirred that emotion that us women get when we tend to leave a conversation uplifted and feeling united with another of God’s daughter. I write about two women this week because I can not do one with out the other- for their relationship is totally unique and quite spectacular.

Devon and Kristine are mother and daughter- but yet they treat each other and have the relationship as best friends would have. They unit together and go about doing good with their double impact.
 I met them both in college, and through those college years we learned a lot about each other, and I felt like the new adopted daughter into their family relationship. 

Kristine, is the mom but I never felt she was much older than me except for her years of endless wisdom. She was so easy to talk and relate to as we learned, struggled with different teaching methods, and laughed through mostly her jokes. (this women could make anyone laugh with her witty sense of humor)

Devon was just like her mom in everyway, so smart, so kind and wise beyond her years. She had a way of relating to anyone and making a situation comfortable with her contagious laugh. She always knew what she was aiming for in life- and was a great example, and friend to talk to.

They taught me a great deal about sticking to my own beliefs and knowing why you stand by them, even when faced with opposing opinions.  They were my life preserver when I desperately needed one, the friends that I could talk through certain problems, beliefs, frustrations or knowledge I lacked.

And I don’t know if all the stories that we have are appropriate to share, but I  know that they were there through the thick and thin of my college years. They were there when we had those way-to-many group projects and I got stuck with the partner that contributed zilch - they made sure the next group project we traded off partners (so I was with either one of them- because they are the hardest workers ever) so that we all could equally share the work. There were countless acts of selflessness by these two and I can’t say enough how much I appreciate and love them. Thanks Kristine and Devon for helping me through college, for understanding and for being so supportive. Love ya

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Devon said...

Awww, Shelb!! Im seriously SO flattered! We love you and it's such an honor to count you as my friend :) Keep doing the amazing things you're doing.

Laura said...

these two are the greatest and have been so great to be around! love them~

Jane said...

They seem like the salt of the earth people. Really beautiful people too.

marcia said...

How fun to go to college with your daughter. They seem like such great, fun, selfless people.

Nick LaMay said...

Which one's the old lady? Can't figure it out.

But really- Thank you Shelby. We needed you just as much to get through that stressful/wonderful time.

Cherie said...

You all look so similar, you could be sisters,(theres no old lady in the pics I am seeing) Thanks for posting.