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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Because She Does, Thursday

 This week I wanted to do something different, this week I’ve thought about the reason behind the Because She Does. I’ve thought that about the readers and how I’ve wanted you to feel motivated and think of how you can improve yourself and/or think of someone in your life who has truly been a blessing in some way.

So with that being said I challenge you to do something different this Thursday day… us women feed off of compliments and find strength in service rendered. Also, while women gain strength they can also be the angels that can feed the down heartened, strengthen the feeble knees and be that spring board of light for those around us.

SO, this Thursday I challenge you to sit and think about one woman who has truly touched your life in some way, whether it be a small moment in your life or someone who has influenced you a great deal. Find them today in conversation and tell them how much you appreciate them and WHY. {My sweet husband will sometimes tell me that he loves me and leave it at that. However, I tell him I like to know WHY her loves me. It doesn’t drive him crazy at all J }

It is remarkable to me that a kind word can not only lift the spirits in the moment, but can even linger years later. Once we start the virtue of kindness towards each other the jubilant hope of all our hearts will ever be closer in unity with women and our maker.
“Kindness is a passport that opens doors and fashions friends. It softens hearts and molds relationships that can last lifetimes.” 

So again, I challenge you today to find that person that you feel needs to know how much they are loved and why they are beautiful to you. And if you feel comfortable, come back here and leave a comment telling us how it went. I would love to know. Good luck on your endeavor, may you fill in the need for someone else today. 


makana hansen said...

What a great reminder! I am going to do this.

marcia said...

Great idea. And I love you for being so enlightened to remind me to do better and take the initiative more often than I do to bless someone else.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Man you are a good writer shelbs.. and always so inspirational and thinking about others. Thanks so much. Love you

Barbara said...

After much thought; there have been so many amazing women who have touched my life in such wonderful ways...I chose my daughter, Kendall. I tell her I love her, and I tell her I'm proud of her, but I loved the idea of sitting down and going over special moments we've shared and how I still carry them with me. I actually wrote it all down in a letter because I wanted her to be able to look at it again in case she ever has a moment of forgetting how special she is.

Thank you, Shelby - it was a wonderful idea. I'll be doing it again - too often we may think nice things about people, but we forget to take the time to TELL them.

It also fit in with a pledge I had made to myself to infuse a prayer of gratitude into my every day thoughts - not just when I formally bow down to pray.


crafty caz said...

This was a great idea Shelby. I chose my paternal grandmother and although she passed away 7 years ago at the age of 98 years young I still think of her and her influence on me often. She was a woman who had experienced so much in her life, who had a great faith in God and who gave me unconditional love and support always. I have a disability but she never focused on that and always treated me the same as all her other grandchildren. In my whole family she was the only one who told me she was proud of me and what a great mother I was. She taught me to be strong and persistent in the face of adversity and to never doubt what I was capable of. My son adored her and was heartbroken when she left us. I miss her greatly but thank you for reminding me to honour her part in my life and the gifts she gave me. thanks for letting me share her with you. xxx