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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Because she Does, Thursday

This week I’ve been thinking a lot about how people can really impact your life, with out them really knowing it. As I was thinking about this subject I thought of one person in particular who influenced my life at a young age and through out my high school years. Her name was Heather.

I first met Heather when I tried out for my volleyball team in middle school. Little did I know that Heather was going to be my coach and not just a coach but a role model.
As I think of Heather I really couldn’t pin point exactly what she did to influence my life so much. But perhaps the key that Heather had to holding my heart and and so many others was this: she sprouted inspiration, and motivation inside me to where I wanted to do nothing but my best so as to not let her down. She had quite the intelligence but always called attention to my strengths and qualities. She not only taught me sports wise,  but in relationships, emotional status and all around life.

 Heather was diagnosed with ALS or Lou Gehrig's disease which slowly took her life. But, towards the end of the end of her life, Heather had a distinct impression that she had a mission on this earth and that mission was to be a help/inspiration a couple girls whom she had coached  and she knew that one of them was me; how true that impression was. Even though her life was short, her mission was fulfilled to somewhere along the way find me that blonde girl, who needed that compassion and friendship at the time I needed it. When she passed  away it was really hard know that someone that had impacted my life so much wouldn’t be here. But I knew that what she taught me and the way she helped me though my life would always have an impact on me.

The point I want to stress that I hope we all learn from Heather is:  no matter what position you are in at this point in your life, there is at least someone who is needing your help or someone you can inspire. Heather could have just been my coach and that was it, but she went the extra mile. She became a friend, a role model, a motivator; pushing me to my best efforts. I am grateful for her and the role she played in my life. She had a beautiful life and many were touched by her love. 


Kelsi said...

Beautiful post! Heather was one amazing lady and I certainly miss her. Thanks for capturing and reminding us all of her amazing spirit.

marcia said...

So glad you wrote this post to honor Heather. What a great example she was to everyone because of her positive attitude despite battling such a horrible disease. Thank you Heather, you touched my life deeply.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

This post made me teary eyed! She was a huge impact and inspiration in my life as well. And I was honored to have her as my coach and friend. I can't wait to see her again! Truly was an amazing woman. Thanks for contributing to Heather whom we all miss and love so much.