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Friday, September 16, 2011

Deals to Meals dinner

Deals to Meals is quite a spectacular blog- Shandra, the girl who runs the show will knock you socks off, with how much she knows about food storage, yummy recipes and getting the right bargain for any food. 
She has a great program that she runs and once you sign up, she tells you all the killer prices on food so you save loads so money. She also will give you lists of meals for the foods you buy and a whole lotta recipes that you can make with your food storage. 

So right now we are up to our ears in zucchini and while I was looking around on her blog, I found this amazing recipe: Chocolate Zucchini bread- (who doesn't want chocolate with their zucchini?) and decided to try it out.
So you can be proud of me at this moment because I practiced my food storing skills.
I whipped out my wheat that I've had stored away (that I've had for years and never opened...)
 and after about 2 hours of trying to pry off the dang lid, and finding out later that there is a tool to open bucket lids... I was good to go.  
I then pulled out my hand grinder, that i've also opened for the first time in years.
 and after an half an hour of turning the wretched crank, my arms where happy we had got enough ground wheat to bake the bread.

Then for the main course for dinner, we tried Deals to Meals Tortilla White Bean Soup
It is made quite easily with food storage items and it is a soup that will get your taste buds a'dancin. 

Basically this site is awesome, I have got so many ideas for recipes and grocery saving techniques. If anything you should take a look at her blog and see all the yummy recipes she comes up with.


makana hansen said...

love the pictures and love the deals to meals blog too!

Teandra said...

I love deals to meals! It's saved so much time planning meals for us.

Kathlyn Osmond said...

Love your blog. I'll have to look at the deals to meals. I don't know how to make my food storage taste yummy. Your foods look delicious. How is school going? You're a hard worker Shelby!