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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Because She Does, Thursday

A couple weeks ago, I had changed the “Because She Does” to something a little different. I encouraged you to tell someone in your life how they have touched your life in some way, I sure hope you took the initiative and did just that. This week, I thought it appropriate because of General Conference to issue you another challenge, however this ones a little harder…

It seems quite easy to go about doing good and serving those you love, but what about those that you don’t quite get along with, those that belong on that list- the ones you compete with, the ones you can’t stand to be around, or the ones that you might go the extra mile to make them feel below you. Yep, this week I challenge you to take that step and mend that relationship with a person on that list. My challenge is to go the extra mile to sincerely compliment that person.
Sometimes we get caught up in comparing ourselves to other people which is LAME. We get stuck on thinking that person has all the gifts/compliments in the world- when in reality they’re just aching for someone to notice them, I know I have. When we build others up, they build us up. Golden rule people. Golden rule.
The wise Joseph B. Wirthlin said,
“But” you ask “what if people are rude?”
Love them
What if people are obnoxious?”
Love them
“What if they offend, surely we must do something then?”
Love them.
The answer is the same, Be kind and love them.
You may never know the far-reaching effect you may have on someone by just being kind. “
I think that anyone who is religious in any form believes in a simple and great truth, love brings about peace. And when we love others, even our enemies, that peace can permeate our lives and create insurmountable happiness that will not come from backbiting, criticizing, or comparing.  SO again, I challenge you to put that foot forward and actually say or do something that can mend a line of negative emotions.
Do good. With love. Go now. (and I will do the same)


makana hansen said...

such a good reminder. You should make a printable of this so I can print it up and frame it!

marcia said...

Excellent post. We all need and can do so much better. You are so wise.

Cherie said...

Its a lovely thought, i am having a really bad time with a colleague at work, will try this and see what happens. (fingers crossed) will post back next week x

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Good idea shelbs.. so inspirational and such a good reminder that we are to love everyone even our enemies.

carolyne b said...

I really like this a councillor in RS I have the great opportunity to go and visit sisters in my ward who are either new to the Gospel of Jesus Christ; or who are coming back to church after being away for many years. One of the biggest reasons I hear from sisters about not coming out is that they have been offended by a comment a well meaning sister has said, but that the person receiving the comment was hurt. I think in the Gosepel we are so close...seriously I spend more time with them some months then my own family. So we think that we have the right to make suggestions or comments and it offends and hurts the other part. We move on,but they don't. And saddly they leave the church. A simple sorry is all that is nesassary.
So Shelby thanks for that message. Very timely.