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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Give Thanks

Sometimes it takes that one line of,
"I'm thankful for..."
to realize that this list could go on and on.
During this Christmas Season I believe this list is especially important.
When we realize the details of our life 
the Lord pays attention to everyday 
we are taking one step closer to him
We will also realize the joy he can provide us each day.
I was inspired this weekend to create more 
"Thankful Journals"
These journals have been a blessing in my life as i've
paused each night (well most nights) to see what I was
thankful for, for that day.
As I've looked back on the notes I've jotted down I've realized 
how much the Lord has blessed me.
The notes have been as simple as...

"Friend helped me with a research paper"
"Brandon helped clean up the house and washed the car- i need it"
"Got a good workout today- thankful for a healthy body"

As these journals have helped me in my own life,
 i promise they will help you.
What are some things you are grateful for?


... said...

Love the idea of a thankful journal! :)

Devon said...

Such a great idea, and i love the journals you created. Makes writing in them fun! thanks for the idea!

Doug said...

Shelbs I am grateful for you! The lovely and grounded woman you have turned out to be. I am grateful for your awesome husband and little boy blue Daxton! What a treasure you guys are! Love you.

Anonymous said...

Bless your open and grateful heart! You are such an encouragement to me...thank you!:)
The Merriest Christmas to you and your family!

marcia said...

I was going to say what dad did then saw his comment.It's so true. I'm grateful for your cute and good family.
Also, I love your journals you made!

Contemplating Beauty said...

Amazing idea, and to decorate it and stuff. love it, thank you for sharing!!!

carolyne b said...

Oh Shelby without a doubt the Gospel. I love the families in my ward; the sisters that I have been able to serve as a councillor in RS and the knowledge that families are forever.
I love the opportunity I have to attend the Temple, even though the drive is 6 hours one way.
But most important I love this time of year when service can be found everywhere. Folks digging in their pockets for spare change for the Salvation Army kettle. For people who donate a toy or food to help those less fortunate.
And for you and the time you take in your busy day to share your love for your little man ( and Mister).

Shelby Osmond said...

And I'm grateful for all your sweet comments. Thanks you.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

Love the journals those are super cute! I am grateful for warmth hence i was just out in the bitter cold. And i am also grateful for you and for the amazing example you are to me an truly being the best older sister!

Barbara said...

I'm grateful for staying up late talking and laughing with my daughter, for the way my son's smile makes my heart skip, for my husband putting up the Christmas tree, for the people in my ward that are so willing to teach me, for the people I teach who are so willing to teach me! For the love I feel for those friends, family and you, Brandon, Shelby and Daxton!

crafty caz said...

I am grateful for you Dear Shelby. I have been feeling very low of late but your posting has served as a reminder of the good things in my life. The notebooks also appeal to my crafty side. You have inspired me to change my focus and start a thankful journal myself. THANK YOU!