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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

How to Rust Aluminum...

I have had this idea in my head for so long, and after trying numerous methods of getting aluminum to rust {quickly- not over years}...
I finally found the solution!

So here is how to Rust aluminum quickly...

What you need:
-Plastic Container with lid
- Aluminum object
( i used unwanted cookie cutters)

1. In plastic container pour an equal amount of Vinegar and Clorox;
 just enough to cover your aluminum object.
**Be very careful as these two chemicals are very potent and are dangerous. I would suggest wearing gloves as these chemicals together can turn your hands black.**

2. Once you have placed the aluminum object in your mixture, pour about 1+ Tablespoon of Salt in the container.
3. Place plastic container outside with lid on top.
4. Within a couple of days (somethings may take longer) you will see the rust begin to build.
5. After you have seen the rust to your liking, take the object out with tongs and let the air dry the object.

For a less dangerous way of rusting; soak the object in each chemical one at a time. 
Soak the object in clorox (with Salt) for a few days
And then soak it in the vinegar(with salt) for a few days.

Here is my finished project..

Linked up here.


makana hansen said...

Alright, you have such a smart brain! Way to figure out how to do that. It never would have even crossed my mind to try to rust something myself. Love the finished products

Kassie said...

Love it! I've wondered how to do that, too. Thanks for sharing.

... said...

That looks so cute! :) What a great tutorial!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure that is not tin instead of aluminum?

Shelby Osmond said...

Haha well I'm assuming its aluminum but it could be tin. Either way, the rusting will work- i don't think it matters too much. :)

Cindy said...

OPERATION BLEACH/VINEGAR/SALT STARTED!! I'm trying to rust trouble cages to make into lamps!!! I thought they were steel & read how to rust it by using warm water & salt(& patience!, which I have little of!!), but after 3 days nothing was happening? My husband said that they were aluminum, so I found your recipe & they are on their way! :-) I'll let you know how they turn out! THANK YOU :-)

Unknown said...

Uhh.. those are steel lol aluminum rusts white

Unknown said...

Ok, so to actually put the red/orange rust on ACTUAL aluminum, here is how it's done. From an actual metalurgist.

Wrap the aluminum with steel wool (found in the paint sections of lowes or home depot)

Try salt and water first. Those chemicals mixed together create a noxious gas that can make you sick, or worse. The harsher the salt, the faster it will work. (I.e. road/driveway salt)

Aluminum is very pourous and will soak in the rust from the steel. It may, or may not have the effect you are seeking, though.

Anon said...

This is the recipe for tear gas. It’s dangerous to even leave this up online. It’s the number one google result for “how to make rust.”

Please delete it before someone gets seriously injured.

sniper15685 said...

So I tried this but didn't work. what you have isn't aluminum.
Probably tin as others mentioned.