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Monday, January 9, 2012

Life Lately

1. Kong kones. That is where it's at.
2. My new favorite shoes that Brandon just got for Christmas. love.
3. Eating out without the babe- these come few and far between... just a tid bit more relaxing.
4. Daxton helping me take the tree down (sniff) he's such a good helper.
5. Refer to #3 The food was great!
6. My professional looking Mister taking off to school on his first day of his last semester. SO excited. Did i say i was excited??


Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

mmm kong cones prob the best choice you could make.. and i LOVE his shoes too im a little obsessed wish i had cool shoes like that!! and yay for last semesters!! WE should plan one big PARTY for the graduates this year:)

marcia said...

Yup Brandon you're styling big time. And I remember how excited you'd get for those cones. Glad they're still around.

makana hansen said...

Can I come to the party too since i will be a graduate? :) lol
...and, I have never had a king Kone. I think that is on my bucket list now.

Kelsi said...

Makana if you come to the party I'll personally see to it that you get a kong cone. Brandon you already know how much I like your shoes.

Marcia Hansen said...

Aww shelbs you guys always have the cutest pictures ever!!! Seriously! They are always waayy cuute!! (: Just wanted to let you know that! (: haha love you! You're blog is awesome!

Anonymous said...

What is a King Kone ? I agree with everyone.I look forward to your stories.tutorials, and pics of your family... Your sister pics are so sweet... Daxton is of course ADORABLE ... Jane in Canada