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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

One word

Last night, my Mister and I sat down together and thought about some New Year resolutions we'd like for this year. I'll be honest when I make new year resolutions that are very specific and sometimes overwhelming, I end up with a big fat F on my transcript of keeping my goals... 
I am a goal setter, I really am. And over the past years as I have seen the underlining goals for myself, i have excelled and i would really give myself a good A for all the improvements made. And there have been things I have learned along the way that have helped me reach my goals in a different way.
SO, this year we decided to do something different.  Brandon and I decided that we would each individually use one word as  theme for the year. 
And that my friends, is a lot more manageable than many of these tiny goals we set for ourselves. 
The word I decided on for my theme is 
Not that I don't love- but to love more intensely. 
I was reminded on Sunday that at times in our lives we can become past feeling- and when we are past feeling- love is omitted. 
I realized that at times in my life, i am past feeling, (not on purpose) and that is a scary place to be.
So for this year I will be working on Love, all forms of it and in every aspect of my life.
I encourage you to take one word for this year whether it be
cherish, accomplish, let go, simplify, be happy...
and become that word. 
What will it be?


Megan is Chuck. Chuck is Megan. said...


BTW, really needed this article this morning. Thanks for sharing!

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

That really was a great sunday talk huh. I liked how you tied it into making a theme for your new years resolutions. I love this and I'm going to do it as well :)

Mary said...

I love this idea! It doesn't seem quite as over whelming that way~ You should print out that picture of the 3 of you and either frame it or modge podge it on something. It is a cute super saturday craft~

makana hansen said...

Love the love.

crafty caz said...

I often avoid the whole idea of making resolutions due to the sentiments you mentioned Shelby, but your idea of just one word has inspired me. It puts it in a whole new and more managable framework for me. Thankyou. I think for me the word will be service. Thank you once again for your continuing inspiration.

... said...

Perfect. :)

Marcia Hansen said...

What a great idea! I absolutely love that picture of you three and the words on it. I agree you should make mod podge it.

McKay said...

Great idea Shelby! I have a similar goal for myself.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful mother you must have... What a nice dedication of your love made to her... Not to go off topic... I was looking through Brandons Photography pics, and see many weddings he has done including his brothers Jeremy and Don... Have you any pictures of your wedding. I would love a blog on your wedding...perhaps I have just missed it... Take Care Shelby and with many blessings...Jane in Canada