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Monday, February 13, 2012


For todays count down, I have one word.
Now, let me ask you, 
don't you get just a little bit, if not really excited, when someone comes up to you and says I have something for you. 

You immediately start to think, "what for?" or "What could it be?" "why me?"
And there is an excitement that comes into your life, for that brief moment.
 And we all know, that a little gift whether big or small can let others know you are thinking of them.

Most of the time, the gifts I think about aren't big things. 
Nor should they be.

A gift could mean:
-a sincere letter
-a coupon for an hour massage
-A favorite candy
- a favorite meal
- A finished task
- A clean house
-Laundry completed
-a planned date
- an organized closet/drawer
-a favorite movie
- pictures that were actually developed and framed
- a poem
and the list goes on and on.

When you actually think about what you can do for your significant other. You have just stepped into the realm of selflessness.
When you think about what they would like, what would surprise them. 
What have they been griping about that you can fix.
This is selflessness

Once when I was competing in a beauty pageant eons ago
(what Shelby in a beauty pageant!??? yes i know I know, i made a fool of myself- but thats beside the point)
I was asked in my interview questions, something to the effect of:
"What is the common problem that you see within marriages that has changed the world?"

And my immediate response was selfishness. 

Too many times we are caught in that snare of 
'whats in it for me'
'why me?'
'their not doing it the way I want it'

So what helps me to learn from my own mistakes is to take time to give small gifts to Brandon weekly if not daily. 
(I am defiantly not perfect but I try)

Again, the gifts are not big ones, but small thoughtful gifts to him. 
And sometimes it is fun to splurge and bring home a gift bought from the store and package it up nice and neat for him to see when he walks through the door.
These gift just show him I love him and that I was thinking of him. 

So today find a small gift you know they would love... 
Go ahead and make them feel special and important.

Photo from when we were first married.


Mary said...

You are how old again??????.... What a great post today. I love how you hit things dead on. If you are this wise at 25, I can hardly imagine what you will be like at 50 :)

JDizzle said...

Great post Shelby, I will use your words of wisdom.

marcia said...

It's so true everyone loves gifts no matter how small.Lucky Brandon. Can't wait to hear what you got him.

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

I have loved reading these countdown posts till valentines day, such a good way to help remind us about True Love and how we can do better in our own marriages.