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Friday, February 17, 2012


From my Birthday to Valentine's Day here are a few highlights:

1. Making XXL Valentine's Cookie to top the night off with my sis cassidy and her hubby.
2. These gorgeous flower that Brandon gave to me- just look at the way he bundled it- true man.
3. Finding Daxton eating this snack. We got a good laugh
4. Brandon making up for being gone for my birthday(not one of the highlights) and taking me to dinner.
5. Refer to #4
6. Amazing friends who surprised me on my birthday to go eat. 
Great company and great chats= a girls perfect night.

Hope you had a great week/Valentine's and it continues into the weekend!


marcia said...

Daxton no wonder you are a picky eater when you get food like that. Looks like Brandon did a good job making up for his absence. Hope you saved me a cookie. Yum!

makana hansen said...

what a surprise! Glad you got surprised for your birthday since you did it me last year! :)
..and, I am pretty sure I need one of those cookies. Like now.

JDizzle said...

Looks like Brandon made up for being gone, looks like fun

McKay said...

That picture of Daxton cracks me up!