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Friday, March 23, 2012


This pregnancy is a lot different than my first. And yes I knew it was going to be that way- as it is for all woman. 
I am grateful for this #2 pregnancy, It has seemed to be a little bit manageable. However,
if there is one difference I can pinpoint for this pregnancy that I never had with my first it would be fatigue. 

It isn't like i'm sleepy fatigue, its the kind where I can lift an arm or a leg because i'm so tired. even the thought of standing up makes me tired. There is just no energy left for me to exert out of the necessary routine. 
Driving and pushing the petal is a lot of energy for me. crazy- i know.

Even thinking about standing up and going to get something to eat is too much work, so I end up sitting  with a tummy thats rumbling. 

They say that when your pregnant, your body is working so hard- its like running a marathon EVERYDAY.
 I didn't think I believed that the first time around but seriously this one- 
i am running a marathon everyday. 

I am not here to say i'm complaining, i am grateful for this tiny babe inside me and the miracle its performing... And I'm grateful that I haven't been as sick this time around. I guess I'm just stating the facts and (making excuses) for me not being motivated and tired. 

But on a more brighter thought- the bright sun has been wonderful and playing(watching) at the park has been the highlights of our week. 
Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 
There might be a lot of sitting for us this weekend. Just sayin. 


Terri said...

You are perfectly allowed to make excuses! You weren't chasing a toddler the first time either. That would make anybody tired. I'll just say you cover it well....and your little baby bump is so cute! HUGS!

Lynn said...

Oh I can so relate.

On another note....have you been tested for your iron levels? It sounds like they might be rather low.

If so.....just ignore that. ; ) Let's pray you get that burst of energy soon!

Hang in there! P.S. Your little man is so gosh darn cute.

ckleinca said...

That's okay Shelby - it will all be worth it when we see that next little "Scrunched up nose" picture!!! Daxton is so very precious!! And don't worry - if you are on the computer sitting and resting it is the same as having energy and working - you and Daxton could probably find some games to play in his age span while you are at it! Otherwise don't worry, you will pick all that energy back soon and now the concern is just to stay healthy and happy as possible while the little sweetheart is growing - How awesome is God's gift of love to a Mommy and Daddy - Congrats!!!

ckleinca said...

P.S. I think I am also partial to that scrunched up nose smiley picture being that Daxton is wearing those cute doggie pajamas and I just happen to be none other than "the Dog Mom" remember!! That is such a sweet picture cos the colors balance so well too - I just love it - I just keep logging into your blog often to look at it!

makana hansen said...

me too! glad to know I am not the only one. McCall said the same thing with her second.
I love all your photos. You capture every day life so beautifully.
ps-you get lots of sleep! Wahoo!

McKay said...

That's no fun Shelby, I'm glad you aren't sick though...

Mariana said...

Like 'ckleinca' wrote - it will all be worth it...

And these photos are just too cute!!