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Monday, April 9, 2012

Vegas and Easter

This last weekend we thought it'd be fun to hop on "papa's" plane and go down to Vegas for fun getaway. 
It was perfect for Brandon who needed a little break from school.
And it was fun to spend time with papa who the little one just adores.

We watched Papa and Aunt Marie on stage. Daxton loved it and was entranced the whole time.
In fact, after the show when we were talking to the dancers they all thought Daxton was a doll from the collection of Marie Dolls- and were telling each other that there was a cute doll in booth A5 until one of them saw him moved and exclaimed, "the doll is real!"

Not the greatest of shots:
 however, Daxton stole the lime light as Papa brought him up on stage- he was so cute up there dancing...

Then it was Daxton's first easter egg hunt and he went around the yard shaking the eggs to hear if there was anything good in them. Then he'd taste them (just the outside shell) and throw them if he didn't think they were good enough.. haha love this boy.

Painting Easter eggs. Not sure if Daxton like to eat or paint them more.


Robin L Greenslade said...

Easter egg hungs are so much fun! My daughter and her cousin used to love to see what treasures were hiding in the eggs. My sister in law's yard was always gorgeous in time for Easter and it was a wonderful tradition to hunt for eggs in her yard. Then the girls grew up and we stopped hunting, but they still enjoy the memories they made together as cousins.

Cute pictures!

Tonda B said...

What a great post, I love it!

Donna Jayne said...

Hey Brandon and Shelby,

Great to read of your fun Vegas trip and Easter with Daxton. It brings a smile to my face to see the pictures. Thank you for sharing parts of your adventures in life with me/us.

Donna from Calgary, Canada

makana hansen said...

Jealous that are looking so good!
2. the H&M bag you have on your stroller
3. got to have a getaway
... and now I need to repent since we envy/jealousy is a sin.

Ashley said...

How did I not know that your family was famous? I can see the resemblance now. It looks like you guys had a fantastic weekend. Aren't egg hunts the best with the little ones?!

Anonymous said...

wow! This sounds and looks like a great Easter weekend!!
This little guy is such a cutie! :)

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

You do look good shelbs. I like how you parted your hair differently super cute. It's always so fun to get away. Love that last pic of daxton stuffing his mouth haha. that's funny that they thought he was a doll. such a cute boy

Kelsi said...

Haha makana your post cracked me up. Love the pictures sister. As always your family is looking fantastic. That picture with you and the stroller looks like you had paparazzi take that. Your so cool.

marcia said...

What a fun weekend. Daxton is a doll! Ha. I would have loved to have been there and seen him up on stage. Funny how he would throw the candy down if he didn't like it. Mister picky.

Unknown said...

I have to agree with marcia. Daxton is a doll. he's soooo adorable. You must be one proud Mom. How cool that you guys went to vegas to see your hubby on the stage. It sounds like you and your family had a lovely Easter weekend. I adore your photos. They're very lovely.

Barbara said...

I would have loved to see Daxton on stage too - but it seems all the world is his stage - he's such a sweet little guy!

I am so happy to see your photos, and I especially thank you for your April 5th Because She Does post - I believe that as each of us look for the positive in others, we will be blessed with more positive in ourselves. You are so inspiring as are the words from the speakers at conference!

Love you muchly!