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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Hair Tips

A little bit ago, I was asked to teach a class on Hair tips. 
There are so many different types of hair out there so i just decided to go with what works for me.
And since I had already created a handout and such, I thought of just sharing it on here. 
For anyone that is interested- that is.

For a quick and easy do's, here are 2 techniques to put some time back on the clock.

First: The top two images show a messy way to create a hairdo.
I just slightly dampen my hair and put all of my hair into one braid down the back. 
Sleep, or wait a couple of hours and pull out the braid.  
This is your result with a couple spritz of hairspray.

Second: Instead of spending time in front of the mirror curling your hair, throw your hair into slightly damp buns
(I did three but you can do more or less.) 
As you can see it doesn't have to be perfect- 
Again, you can either sleep or wait a couple of hours before you pull out the buns. 
And your result will be something like the bottom right photo.
*To get tighter curls do smaller and more buns.
*Looser curl- bigger buns.
Here is the handout i created. I hope it makes sense and if you have any question feel free to ask!

Tips for more volume
-Tease Hair (back comb)

-Sleep on Damp Hair (the next morning it will be dry and have more volume)

-Unwashed Hair- sometimes I let me hair go 3 days without washing- {don't judge} but if I can get a good volume out of that 3rd day! Why not?

-Dry Shampoo (suave is the best I've seen)

-Embrace the messy!

-Most of us have that natural imperfect
hair- Frizz, wave, curls embrace and work with it.

-Don’t brush hair so often (I'm not sure if this is perfectly healthy- but my philosophy is if you don't comb your hair to get all the hairs that are falling out- their still on your head right? so more hair to work with! ha. Also i just get lazy and combing out hair isn't always the best part of the day for me.)

-Exaggerate your part

Ideas for Hair
-Try to think outside the box

-Copy and make it your own

- Work with your face shape

-CHANGE things up. (One of the things i've seen that people get stuck in a rut and so does their hair if its not constantly changing your hair won't be willing to change either.)

-Train your hair: You can and it can make a big difference!

-If thinner hair- curl/braid get an extra hair piece.

-Rodarte: tutorial here

Fast Hair Tricks/ideas:
-Milk Braid
-Easy twist or French braid on the front of hair: Tutorial here
-Curling hair with iron
-Curling hair with damp buns.
-Day old Hair
-Braid hair- release and scrunch with hairspray
-Use own hair to use as a twisty.
-curl bottom of hair and braid the top.
Braids: Fish tail, French, normal, twist


carolyne b said...

Love the bottom one Shelby. It looks like you spent hours with a curling rod. Sadly I have short hair, but my daughter has long lovely locks like your's.
Good luck with the move to Boston.

Brown-eyed Girl said...

Hey, Shelby! :)

What tips do you have for a round face? My hair is just below my shoulders and I hate it.

(Hope things are going good for you since your husband passed; I'll say some prayers for you)

I love your family! :)

ckleinca said...

UHHH OHH Shelby - Poor Brandon was implied to be really "Passed On" for our above reader - how we would all surely be in tears!!! Of course you are all always in our prayers both in earth and Heaven but I think you'll probably want to set the record straight so you and Brandon can enjoy your life together in Boston!! Best wishes and prayers to all of you! Love you!

Shelby Osmond said...

Haha, ya Brandon is Just in Boston and we will see him shortly. Thanks for all your support.

Contemplating Beauty said...

I'm so with you, i do and have done a lot of those tips you shared, they are so so helpful! I have had super long hair and hair to above my chin, so I've experienced a lot with the locks :)

Erica and Spencer said...

I love the buns! I will have to do that the next time I want curly hair (especially because I left my curling iron in Utah haha)

makana hansen said...

...and I did the triple bun for a graduation party and I love it! So glad you shared the secrets to your amazing hair