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Thursday, May 17, 2012


I've got a lot of questions as to why we are moving out to Boston and i gratefully say, Brandon was offered a job out there. We are so blessed and we continue to get blessings each day and we are so grateful. 
 On a minor note, but not so minor in our home. Brandon left us to go out to Boston for a few weeks, he started his job before I ended school. So, we are daddyless in our home. It has been quite the juggle so far but things are working out just great. Before, Brandon left we got to have a full day date together. Which involved, packing, making trips to D.I., and ending it at the delicious, la jolla groves. It was a so fun to spend time with him before he left, but we miss him lots!


Barbara said...

Ahhh...I wondered if you were on the road with him. I pray the time will go fast for all of you! Do you have a place to live picked out yet?

marcia said...

Yum, that looks delicious! We sure miss you Brandon. Makes me sad to see your picture and know you're not near by.

Denise said...

shelby you will love boston, i have visited twice and i like the city better than i do new york city. but b warned-tey are easterners and are quite frank, so be prepared.

brandons cousin greg is also headed to boston, or is he already there/. harvard to study about cells and diseases, so you should get in touch with greg and kaylynn

makana hansen said...

la jolla... sound (and looks) very very yummy!