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Thursday, July 26, 2012

One of those days...

It has been one of those days. 
Not a bad day,  
you know the days where you love your child uncontrollably. Sometimes there are days where you just can't seem to get an understanding with the little one. Both sides are wanting one thing and can't ever seem to come to an agreement.
However, today he is has been an angel and why not write it down and remember the good moments in life. 
This morning we started off with a morning prayer. And it is now customary to have the the little one say it. And oh man, one day we will catch him in the act of praying. He can't quite seem to get his eyes closed all the way so he squints his eyes and keeps his head up so he can look around and pray for all the things he sees.  Then after he's completed there is a long pause with a very loud AMEN!
Its so cute.

We were then on our way to the doctors,  he SO excited to hear the baby heartbeat and "see" the baby then continues to mimic the sound of the baby's heartbeat. He sits in "his" chair, that he's become so accustom to from going so much, and waits quietly while the doctor comes in to talk with mom.

Once we are finished we decide to stop by one of mom's new favorite stores, where I can shop and he can play with toys... its beautiful. 
Well, usually we have other kids wanting to play with the toys and there is sharing issues and "Mine" issues.
However, today Daxton share!
He shared- what I'm teaching him is actually going through. 
When another child wanted the toy he said, "your turn" and gave it up quite willingly. 
How does your heart not swell with love when you see your child giving. 
I quietly bought my things and we left the store in one piece. 
I tell you that kid- he has won my heart today. 
He may revert back to some of his old ways tomorrow but I'm okay with that. 
We learn each day and everyday there is a growing process. 
I just wanted to document a good day, and put it away in my "good files" to reflect back on. why not right?

ps. Ruche put together a family video that we got a little feature in from this video. def not a huge deal, but just kinda fun :)

1 comment:

Julie said...

That is lovely how Daxton prays:). I taught in nursery for a few years & I loved it when the children started saying the prayers on their own, or sometimes with help:)

Great too that Daxton shared the toy yesterday. I bet you were so pleased.

Luv from the UK.
Best wishes