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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Red Badge of Courage

I've got another treat for you all today, I love this girl and her insight in life is incredible. So enjoy!!

My name is Jessi from Hummingbird Memoirs.  I’m so happy to share some thoughts on Shelby and Brandon's blog today!  
From the time I was very little I wanted to be a mama.  As soon as I could talk, I was singing a little tune, “when I grow up, I want to be a mother and have a little, two little, three little babies of my own...”  Now, expecting my first, I finally get to join the ranks of motherhood, and I couldn’t be more thrilled and grateful.

I have learned so much from the women around me of what it takes to be a mother.  As a mother-to-be I am gleaning from all the examples I’ve had throughout my life, from my mother, grandmother, sisters, friends, etc.  And from these wonderful women in my life, I have observed two constant themes: unshakable courage and unselfish love.  

My grandmother was one of these mamas, who loved her children undeniably and fought for them courageously.  She had 9 children, a husband to love and a large farm to care for.  On those days when she needed to give a little more than what she thought she was capable of, she put on what she referred to as her “red badge of courage” to face the day or challenge ahead. 

Grandma kept her lipsticks perfectly organized in the door of the refrigerator.  All of her shades, from coral, to pink, to red.  And on those days when she felt she was up against an army to protect her family, her “red badge of courage” came by picking out her brightest red lipstick and wearing it proud.   (She told my mom out loud sometimes, as she painted her lips with rouge, “I’m wearing my red badge of courage today.”)

So, when the laundry is piled high, when the terrible twos seem to be going on far longer than expected, when our teenager comes home with a weight they shouldn’t carry, when a daughter gets left behind, when a son is rebelling, let’s put on our red lipstick, and face the world with courage and our children with undeniable love.

I’m so looking forward to all the blessings that come from being a mama.  The days of necessary courage will come (and my lipstick will be ready for me), but, so will the days of sweet memories that will forever leave indelible imprints upon my heart.  

Thank you, Shelby, for sharing so many of those sweet motherhood moments with us!

 Thanks Jessi for sharing with us- inspirational right? this picture of her belly just makes me so happy and the joy she'll receive as she enters motherhood.


Donna Jayne said...

Nothing better than being s Mother. Never gets old. I am so happy for both you girls. Hugs!!!

SandyM said...

I'm laughing and crying..Such a great message. I'm proud for all of you!! Never had peeking in on your joy!
Lipstick in the fridge?...brilliant!
Gotta go put on my velvet RED lipstick.. Grandma's Red Badge of Courage .. hysterical and yet.....fits the bill. I'm spreading the word!