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Friday, November 16, 2012


We recently received an email from a good friend, who works at IKEA. He told us about a project that IKEA is working on at the moment about helping children around the world.
Here is IKEA's mission statement about the project:

“One way you can serve this cause of helping children in our community and around the world receive a better education is by purchasing IKEA soft toys! Did you know that for every soft toy you buy (yes, even the tiny 49 cent ones) The Ikea foundation will donate 1 dollar to UNICEF and Save The Children.

Then you can either enjoy that toy in your home Or donate it to a worthy cause in your community such as Toys-for-Tots or Sub For Santa"

So as a way to help the children in our community we headed to IKEA and got a soft toy there for Daxton. He got to choose whatever soft toy he wanted and he chose a cow puppet. 
Who he has now named "Cowboy" Daxton is obsessed with cowboy "eating my face" and if you could put sound to pictures you would hear daxton laughing/screaming at the top of his lungs. 

Also for those who live in Utah, you can donate the toy, IKEA Draper will have drop boxes in the store that will be given to the PJ's Forgotten Children Organization who serves needy children right along the Wasatch Front.

So help spread the word and go an get a soft toy for yourself! 

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Amelia Marie said...

How neat! Glad you shared on this!!

P.S. these photos are just beautiful!