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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dresser re-done

This dresser that you're about to see isn't like any old dresser; 
it's a dresser with broken drawers.

The story: we found a dresser and were given the details concerning the color, total number of drawers and the dimensions.  From what we heard, it sounded like a perfect fit for our room. However, when we arrived to pick up the dresser, we found they'd forgotten one small detail; 
two of the drawers were broken...
Not to be deterred, we brought the dresser home anyway, which may or may not be because we were just desperate to get a dresser in our room. 
Nonetheless, we used what we had and ordered baskets and a hamper to fit the scene. 
The result is something that I am actually quite pleased with.

FYI: Have you ever heard of The Lucky Clover Trading Company I just recently found this wholesale place for baskets and other such things... its pretty awesome.

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