Thursday, December 27, 2012

Highlights from Christmas

So this was the first Christmas for us, that we were away from family. It was quite different BUT we sure made the best of it and enjoyed our days with friends.
We had some of our friends over on Christmas Eve for a breakfast. While we talked and in-between running after kids we made snowflakes for the school in connecticut. Here is more information about 
it here. 
It was a good way to do a little service- just something simple.
Christmas Eve night was high of anticipation waiting for the moment when Daxtons would see presents. And when he did see the presents, there was no disappointment. 
Kids excitement over anything is unreal.
We had a relaxing day but now we are anticipating our long flight to Utah! 
My brother is coming home from his LDS mission in Cleveland and my heart is ready to burst seeing that little brother of mine.

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