Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Reclaimed Door Headboard

Okay you ready for this story?
 Brandon is amazing. Brandon went with a stranger into his basement and found 2 old reclaimed doors. The stranger asked Brandon how much he'd buy them for. 
Brandon in his head thinks...
"hmm... maybe I could get him to sell them to me for $10 each"
When upon the stranger just exasperatedly says,
"Eh. I'll just sell them both to you for 5 bucks. that sound good?"
B: "uhh.. yes..."
So there you have it our 5 dollar headboard. 

Now lets do our little party that I've been lacking on lately. Lets see your projects, your creations, your awesome thrift finds! Ready set go!

1. be nice . visit the links that are in the party...
2. When you post on your blog, take our button and put it up. That way others can join! 

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