Sunday, April 14, 2013

And then I went Dark

Bah. I did it. after talking forever about changing up my hair. it finally happened. 
i smacked that blonde in the face and went the complete opposite.
However, i think my hair picked up the color too fast and it may have gone slightly darker than I thought.
At church yesterday, a nice mom came up to me and said, "my little girl says, she thinks you look like snow white" {in other words-  gothic} i'm sure the mom was giving me the best compliment of the little girl but it may be too close to the truth. 
I just need my skin to match and warm up with my hair. 

Oh well, its a nice change.
 and it is kinda fun to be unnoticed because i am unrecognizable to most people. and maybe i'll stay away from any sun and change my name to snow white. She is a princess after all. 

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