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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Guest Post- Cherry Blossoms {the blog}

So excited to have Cherry Blossoms guest post today. She is a super sweet girl and has great reviews and products on her blog. Here is a little more about her!

Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you. 
Getting to like you, 
Getting to hope you like me.
-The King & I

Hello Dear Readers of Brandon and Shelby!

I am so happy to be doing a guest post today on this wonderful blog! I love Brandon and Shelby's blog because it is filled with fun DIY ideas, uplifting stories, and pictures of their cute little men (they are really too adorable!)

I would like to introduce myself-I did a guest blog post quite awhile ago-but if you don't remember me I won't be offended! 

My name is Kiley and I am co-owner of Cherry Blossoms {the blog}.

Cherry Blossoms {the blog} was started in February of 2008 as a branch off of my hair accessories business. After blogging for a few months I decided that I wanted to put my hair accessories business on the back burner and focus on blogging full time.

Since then I have never looked back. In fact I got so busy that in 2012 I decided to bring my  dear friend Heather on board as a co-owner.  Heather and I love coming up with exciting ideas, product reviews, posts, giveaways and more to share with our readers.

Some of our giveaways going on right now are-

Lots of fun products are up for grabs so I hope you will come on over and enter to win!

Anyway, back to introducing myself-
I am Kiley (Sorry, already said that)
This is my gorgeous husband

and these two below are our gorgeous kids!

Our daughter is the sweetest girl you will ever meet and our son is such a little character.
We are so blessed to have them in our life!

Okay so back to me, I am a proud Italian!
(Secret: My great grandfather was in the Mafia!)

I am originally from the North but now live in the South
Fiddle dee' dee!

I am a proud member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.
I am so grateful that families can be together FOREVER!
(You can read more about that here)

 (specializing in Bridal Makeup)

I met Ryan Gosling and Forrest Whitaker on the same day
(You can read all about the encounter here-includes pictures!)

I love fresh flowers, shabby chic, sparklers, hot chocolate, baking and eating a plant based diet (most of the time). 
My favorite Chef is Chloe Coscarelli-her recipes are AMAZING!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know me-now I can't wait to get to know you!

I would love it if you would become a reader of Cherry Blossoms {the blog}!
 So please come by and introduce yourself!

You can also find Cherry Blossoms {the blog} via Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest (Kiley)/(Heather)

You are precisely my cup of tea!

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