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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Floral Pants

There are  very few things I am consistent at - hence my free spirit.  As you may have noticed, I have been lacking on my little "project" Wednesday post every week.  To be honest, it has been more of a stress I put on myself rather than an actual motivation. 

I have few ideas I can stay consistent with other than working out, (thanks to my Mom and Dad for instilling that in me) daily scriptures, and prayers. All other things just seem to come when it's convenient and for some reason, working on projects has never been that easy for me.
It could possibly be because of the two little ones who never nap at the same time, thus giving me no free time. 

Anyway, now that I've laid out my excuses, I will now be resorting to having an outfit post for my Wednesday "project". Not every week, just occasionally. I have never loved the idea of an outfit post for myself. Why? 
1. Because I am super awkward and awkward looking in front of the camera .
2. I don't buy enough new clothes to do it regularly.

So lucky you readers, you get a Whatever I Fancy Post on Wednesday or no post at all! Haha! Welcome to my unorganized, sporadic life.

Ruchepants Ruchepants Ruchepants



Daxton's been loving nose kisses lately. 
I don't mind.


Top: UO
Pants: Ruche
Shoes: Neiman Marcus

The coat he wouldn't take off: Zara (similar)
Pants: Gap

Sweater/pants: H&M

PS. You can see the Winner of the anne b bag here!

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