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Monday, May 6, 2013

Painted Maine

Here is another adventure that we got to have with my sister while she visited us.

Its always been her dream to go up to Maine and since we live so close to it- it was a no brainer.
Our maine highlight was seeing Nubble lighthouse- one of the most photographed lighthouse in the world.  Seriously i wish the pictures  of the lighthouse did it justice. Plus the scenery was if it was painted and you were there just to admire the oversized canvas. But you we really there and we could walk and explore the beauty of it.

Many  of the stores and shops around town weren't open yet, so we went to the beach and enjoyed the mostly warm weather there. 
Here are some camera pictures mixed with phone pics.

^^We ate at the Stonewall Kitchen... sooo yummy (plus they had samples all over) and their thanksgiving Sandwich was to die for!^^

 ^^this kid was so happy to be in the sand. He had it all over himself and sure enjoying the taste of it^^

^^caught it! (after like one million tries)^^

Also, make sure to check the Little House giveaway to see if you won the Anthro gift card!!

Oh and one last thing... 
Daxton's one year old party was featured over at Apartment Therapy on Friday. 
So shocking but we were pretty excited :)

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