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Monday, May 20, 2013

Scenes from the Weekend- The Elephant Walk

This past weekend the Mister and I snuck a little date together.
It always seems so strange getting in the car together, after chasing the babes around, giving kisses, giving one last check for dinner, racing out the door and jumping into a quiet car where its just me and him, with whatever we want to talk about with out any interruptions. 

Sometimes we sit together holding hands with out saying a word. Just letting the peace and quiet settle in until we realize we are together alone. We then begin our never ending conversations, that could go on and on, that I could never tire from.

We went to the Elephant Walk. The restaurant selects a non-profit each month to receive a percentage of its sales for that month, with a smaller percentage of sales held in reserve to assist in an emerging humanitarian crisis.. The food was french and cambodian and really tasty.

Afterwards, we walked around for bit and enjoyed the sun set and our time together. 
Now for some pretty little pictures from our date. 

^^Whats more manly than your man holding your purse. On a date- love it ^^


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