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Monday, June 17, 2013

Scenes from the weekend: family visits!

This weekend we got to have Brandon's two brothers and his mom come and visit. 
Having family around is like a piece of heaven, and the little boys- man they were literally in heaven. They loved every single minute of attention they got from their uncles and Grandma. It just melted my heart to see how both Daxton and Tayte took to his uncles so much. 

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^^These two were inseparable^^
We went to Legal Harborside right on the waterfront of Boston. They have the freshest seafood, and a great menu.
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^^This was Brandon's meal- A soft shelled crab- head and all. I think Brandon's mom freaked a little when she found out what he was ordering^^
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^^I don't think Brandon could of got a better gift on Father's Day to spend time with family^^

Then Brandon's Dad had a layover in Boston for about 2 hours- so we met him at the airport and had a quick lunch and then saw them all off. We were sad we couldn't have spent more time with all of them. But we were grateful for the moments we did get.  



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