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Monday, June 24, 2013

Standing on his own

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Its amazing how much you forget when you have move past a learning stage in a child's life. And one thing that I forget is how fast the first year goes by and how much babies learn in that first year.
I have been constantly amazed by how fast Tayte is learning, it may have to do with having an older brother he is trying to keep up with. 

However, as I watch him learn a new skill my heart just expands and my joy grows into a huge smile on my face. And many times I squeal with delight. The other day at the park, Tayte was using my leg to steady himself as he was standing. But then he let go and stood there for about a minute in complete shock that he was standing by himself, which came to an abrupt stop as he plopped down.

It was probably quite embarrassing how excited I got for him, but he is my baby and I can. 

However, as I was thinking about my excitement for such a silly little thing for my little boy I couldn't help think of the Lord and how excited he must get when we finally learn a new skill.  When we can finally progress and find joy in succeeding. It made me understand just a tad about how much love the Lord has for each of his children. And it made me appreciate my role as a mother even more. 

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