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Monday, August 26, 2013


Going back and editing these photos have been kinda hard. I miss being on vacation and being together with family in a beautiful place. However, I'm so glad we got to go and have the memories. 
We are grateful that we had Brandon's parents and brothers along with us. They are so good with the boys and are just a joy to be around. A big thanks to them and making the trip so wonderful!

^^i kinda love this handsome guy, a lot :) ^^
Bermuda Bermuda    Bermuda 

We docked at Bermuda for 3 days and so we got to explore the incredibly, beautiful area.


On our last day on Bermuda we rented a Cabana right by the ocean. It couldn't have been more perfect. We were able to go snorkeling in the ocean, come back and swim in a pool and then when the boys got tired we could let them rest in the Cabana. That was the way to go, for sure!



As you can see, Bermuda is stunning, very clean, perfect temperature and the locals were incredibly nice! In fact, a funny story on our taxi ride back our driver was just so exuberant and so happy! Waving to everyone on the rode, yelling through the window at her friends calling them precious and sweetheart. We had a really sweet conversation with her as she told us about her religion and how Bermuda is a very religion country. (Seriously, there was a church on every corner- it was very cool) 
After talking to her for a good while she asks Brandon's dad, Donny what he did for a living. He simply answers, "Well, I'm in show business." She paused, then slowed down quite quickly, almost slamming on her breaks and turns to face him her eyes bulging and exclaims "NO way!" and goes on to yell a number of excited phrases. "You just wait! You just wait till I unload you guys and I can call my girlfriend!" 
I've seen a number of responses to Donny but this one was by the far the best. We all just couldn't stop laughing. She was able to compose herself and keep driving. She was just the sweetest lady.
Just an example of the fun loving, kind people that are in Bermuda

Anyway,  we were so lucky to go and are so grateful for the entire trip. Bermuda we miss you!


Jessie said...

Wow! What a picture perfect vacation. And all your swimsuits are so adorable. I wish I had style like that! (I just posted beach pics from our recent trip and I don't look nearly so adorable). So happy for you and your family.

Marta G. (A Bilingual Baby) said...

What a nice taxi driver! The colour of those water is amazing. I love the beach, I wish I could visit Bermuda one day, it looks fantastic! Best regards from a reader from Spain,

Tonda B said...

Beautiful pictures. I love the Donny story..the driver sounds so cute.

Marcia Hansen said...

So happy for you to have such a fun trip. It looks like a trip of a lifetime.That driver sounded adorable. Love people like that and such a funny story about Donny. You look gorgeous in all the pictures and love the pic of Brandon. Such a stud.

Ashley said...

Bermuda really is the most gorgeous place ever! So glad you had a wonderful time. Love that look beautiful!

Manda said...

Amazing. Are you sure you don't work for the Bermuda Tourist Board?! You have definitely 'sold' it as somewhere to put on the bucket list. Helps to have such photogenic subjects:-)

K&R said...

your little boys are so cute on the beach.
it looks like such a fun trip and beautiful place.
im glad you guys were able to enjoy some family time


Christine Anderson said...

I so look forward to your blog and pictures. Thank Shelby for sharing I am so glad you and your family had a great vacation! ;-)

Christine Anderson said...

I so look forward to your blog and pictures. Thank Shelby for sharing I am so glad you and your family had a great vacation! ;-)

Cherie said...

Thank you Shelby lol had I been the taxi driver I would have probably gone into total shock having Donny in my car. Great story.

Cherie said...
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Kristine said...

Loved those sun hats and what beautiful pics! Of coarse this is not a surprise with so many beautiful people around. You best be careful I am still very likely to take off with your children again. So adorable!

Nicole said...

oh my gosh, shelby! this is gorgeous!! so glad you got to go. and seriously, your little boys are so stylin' and adorable! AND that swimsuit is rockin'!


The Bordens said...

I came across you blog lately and just love to see and here your stories of you beautiful family.You both seem to be awesome parents and take great pride in your family as I do. I have had to pleasure of meeting your brother- in -law Jeremy in Utah as my niece and husband lived in his neighborhood.I was wondering how one goes about meeting Donny at the shows in Vegas.My husband and I are planning to see his show on Sept 20th and would love to meet him.Will he be better by then?Its our 32nd wedding anniversary and I am so excited to see their show.I am a member of the church and live in San Diego.Your blog is a great example to young familys everywhere.My children are grown now and my youngest daughter just got married last May.My next step in life now is looking forward to grandchildren.Thank you for sharing some our your beautiful moments in life.Hoe to here from you about possibly meeting Donny and Marie after the show. My email is .
Thank you Desiree

MONIQUE said...

What good luck that you have had to share this trip with the whole family. I like a lot the photos. Kisses and happy Tuesday.

betty said...

I always look forward to your Blog Shelby. I love the pictures of Bermuda, would love to go there one day. So glad you didnt get lost in the traingle LOL. Cute swimsuit and outfits too, glad to see you always wear a hat. Looks like Daxton and Tayte enjoyed themselves too.
I do miss your Wednesday crafting blogs though.

Unknown said...

Great photos! Aghhh makes me NEED to plan a vacation soon!

Jessie Ann said...

It looks beautiful! and what a fun way to spend time with family! Love the pics and your style!

Unknown said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I keep telling my husband we need to visit some place warm, sunny, and island-y!!! And I LOVE your swim suit!!! Glad you guys had an awesome time! XO

jayne 61 said...

love the photos Brandon looks so much like Donny thanks for sharing the photos

Bridget said...

great pictures. you look so classy in that suit/hat. love the combo.

lindsey said...

that suit and these pictures are just gorgeous!! looks like so much fun! :)

Erin James said...

What a perfect vacation! I adore your pictures. I dream of visiting there someday!