Thursday, August 1, 2013

Happy Birthday Tayte

You know I'm going to say the cliche` phrase of how fast babies grow and i'm going to say it loud,
 Its not fair that babies grow so fast! and who gave babies the right to grow up in a blink of eye!


I was in the kitchen making some treats for Tayte's birthday and I couldn't help but cry over how fast he has grown, and that a full year is already over. I just can't believe its August 1st and my baby, who I just gave birth to, is now one.

lately, Tayte has started to climb everything, he is one brave boy! When we walk into our front door he will squirm and squirm till I let him go, so he can climb all 15 stairs to our top apartment. He climbs on chairs, stools, refrigerator  and most recently the toilet. He climbs onto the toilet seat and stands there next to us at the sink and smiles with big grin knowing he had just accomplished a major feat.
He has just recently learned how to wave. The other day as he was being rocked to sleep, he was lying on my shoulder listening to me sing. As I laid him down, I continued singing and rubbed his tummy and face. Truly enjoying the moment with my baby. Then I stopped and whispered it was time for me to go now. He looked up, paused.. and then gave little wave. And then, for like the 389 time that day, my heart burst.

 I'm grateful for you mister Tayte and I love you so very much. 
Happy Birthday my sweet, little boy.


Shundra Stewart said...

Oh my. He's already a year old. I was wondering when he was turning one.

Happy Birthday, Tayte. He was born just a day after his Uncle Don.

Tonda B said...

Happy First Birthday sweet angel Tayte.

K&R said...

so sweet. happy birthday to your sweet little boy.


Jessie said...

Happy birthday sweet boy! Mine turns one on Saturday. I can't believe it. It's not fair that the second baby seems to be growing up even faster than the first! :) But it's still so fun.

GodsGal99 said...

Happy Birthday Little Man Tayte! It IS hard to believe you are a Year old already. It is also hard to believe Daxton is Three! You are both growing up to be adorable little men. Stay young and have fun!!! AMY

Kavitha said...

Happy Birthday Tayte Baby! Enjoy every special moment with your family! Love, Kavitha

AngelaS said...

Happy 1st Birthday wishes to cute baby Tayte - all the way from North East England! x

Kelsi said...

Stop growing! I'm so sad that he's already one. Happy birthday Tayte!

Donna Jayne said...

Happy Birthday Lil Man Tayte :)

Cassidy and Daniel Stephens said...

My word i second your statement about where the time goes. It makes me sad to see your kiddos grow up and I can't be there with them in some moments. thank goodness for blogs. love you tayte

Birthday Wishes said...

Very Nice Cute Baby! Have a Late Birthday wishes to Your Baby, God bless you ..

Dharani Changanti said...

Nice family and very cute babies, Many more Birthday wishes to Tayte God bless her

Deepika R said...

Your Baby looks very smart Happy Birthday to Tayte, God bless you

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