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Monday, October 21, 2013

Its that time of year...

to take family pictures.

So I guess word spread that I do family photos and so the past few weeks have been filled with photo shoots. It really has been so wonderful. I love to capture families in a lifestyle-type way and capture the real emotion. It stretches my skills when I'm not photographing my own family, so it really has been pushing me and making me grow.
But man, I haven't been able to keep up. I don't know how others do it, but I find the only time I can get editing done is when the kiddos are asleep. And even that time isn't enough to get everything I need to get done. So things have been put on the back burner( like this blog) but this little season of family photos will be over soon. Plus I really have enjoyed it, so I'm not complaining. 
Anyway, I thought it would be fun to show some snippets of a few of the families I have photographed, there are still some I haven't even looked through yet... (!) 
Family Photos Family Photos Family Photos Family Photos Family Photos
^^We also got some family photos taken :) :) ^^

Its always fun to get done with a photo shoot and find some cute boys hanging out on the edge of a dock, waiting for me to finish.
Boston Boston Boston Boston 
Also, this last weekend, we really worked hard on a little project we are creating for Daxton. He is at such a fun stage and so I want to make sure I can capture it. However, its still a work in progress but will be fun to share when I am all done. 
Boston Boston Boston


K&R said...

so sweet. i love all of these photos.
especially this last one of you and the boys.
stinkin adorable.


Anna Demko said...

You guys are so cute! Your family always has great photos!
Your boys are growing so fast

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Jessi said...

You are good at what you do!! Great photos. I'm excited to see more. Daxton looks so big in that pic of your fam. Can he just pause for a minute? xoxo

Lauren Vanderberg said...

the perfect time to do family photos is right!! so adorable.

Tonda B said...

I know just how you feel Shelby. I used to take wedding photos, but finally had to give it up because my eyes got too bad. I think you enjoy it more than I did. I found it stressful.

Lisa said...

Autumn is such a lovely backdrop of photos. Sweet pics. :)

Marcia Hansen said...

Tayte looks like Emree from the back and like some of you guys when you were young. I never noticed that before. Wonderful pictures! What a talented photographer you have turned in to. I love the boys on the dock. What a cool picture!

Karina Marie Powell said...

Such beautiful pictures!!!! You are amazing!

Kelsi said...

My gosh it is so pretty there! I want to live in Boston in the fall. Although it is gorgeous here too.. Either way, you've got one cute family sister.

makana hansen said...

I feel a video coming up! Ok, we need to talk bc I want to hire you guys to do a video of us if you will be here in Dec.
Love the photos. McKay and I were just saying how you and brandon just OOOZE artsy talent... can I get an amen from anyone??

Gaby said...

i've also been doing some photo shoots for friends lately and the editing is definitely the hard part (finding the time that is!). your photos are all great :)